Monday, November 13, 2017

What is an important requirement for all good bakers? They must rise to the occasion.  After all, it’s the yeast they can do.  They trade recipes on a knead to know basis. These somewhat silly puns are just my way of saying, “Don’t forget to bring baked goods to school tomorrow. The children of the second through fifth grade will sell the food during lunch.  In addition, pies, cakes, donuts, cookies, bars, candy, or bread will be sold during parent-teacher conferences. All monies raised will help defray costs associated with the November 27 trip to The Henry Ford. So, bring some sweets and take some home tomorrow night.  Let’s make our Bake Sale a great success!

Religion: So, what was on the agenda today for Grades 4 and 5? First, we attended Mass where Deacon Hilker talked about the Bible passage that refers to forgiving people seven times seventy times.  The Deacon reminded us to be forgiving when people offend or hurt us.

Math: During math today, Grade 5 students worked on their test on multiplication.  Meanwhile Grade 4 students used their white boards to figure out the front end estimated answer for multiplication problems with 1 digit as the multiplier. Tonight’s homework is to finish problems 16-36 on page 135 using the graph paper provided to students in class.

Reading: Everyone learned what their role in the play was today.  Then, we did a read through of the play with students reading their assigned parts. On Wednesday, we will do another read through, but with the music added.  Tonight’s homework is to begin memorizing your lines for the play. Please note: students should be off book (not using your script, but having lines memorized) as of Tuesday, November 28. 

Spelling: We learned what interrogative sentences are today.  Interrogative sentences ask questions. Students had to use Unit 10 words found on page 70 and write questions with them using the 5W’s and the H word to start a sentence.  The words are: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Students should have the first 10 sentences written.  Tomorrow we will write the remaining 10 sentences.

Library and Latin were our specials today. 

Handwriting: We practiced the letters U, V, and W today which all start the same way, with a backward curl.  After writing 3 lines of U, V, and W, we wrote the following sentence three times: Uncle Victor lives in Washington.

History: After outside recess, we discussed our questions to our chapter on “Wandering Through Africa.”  We discussed famous people and places that played a role in David Livingstone’s exploration of Africa. We will finish checking this work tomorrow.

Have a great night and don’t forget to bring your baked goods.


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