Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy All Saints Day!

Congratulations to all our students who did such a fantastic job today in reciting their saint poems. They not only memorized their poems, but also dramatically interpreted them.  We look forward to many more outstanding dramatic performances from our talented group of thespians.

There is no homework tonight!

Here is a summary of today’s lessons:

  1. Religion/Mass: Father discussed the difference between adoring and honoring the saints.  He reminded us that the saints are our heroes and we can ask them to intercede for us in special favors. After Mass Grade 2 and 3 students recited a poem by Robert Frost entitled “The Last Word of a Bluebird.” Nicely done, 2nd and 3rd graders! Fourth and fifth graders then shared their specially prepared poems.
  2. Math: Both classes worked on a worksheet of mixed multiplication problems.
  3. Reading: Mrs. Dailey’s homeroom joined us today as we did the first read-through of our Christmas play, “The Wizard of Oz.”
  4. Recess: We enjoyed 40 minutes of recess today after which we ate our lunch.
  5. Music and Latin were our special subjects today.
  6. History class wrapped up today’s lessons.  We completed a map on “The Great Game.” This event centered around a conflict between Russia, Britain, and the Persian governments over Afghanistan. We talked about why the conflict occurred and the parties involved. We also discussed the key places where the battles happened. Questions came up by the students as to why our country is still involved with Afghanistan and how the history of the area has affected its current situation. The students really did some deep thinking about this topic and how it still influences our modern political policies.

Have a terrific night!

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