Monday, Ocotber 30, 2017


  1. Please don’t forget to return all green folders tomorrow with signed papers.  Inside please place the permission slips for our class trips to Lansing Catholic and The Henry Ford.  Parents, we really need drivers for our trip on November 9 to Lansing Catholic.  Please help us if you possibly can.

Here’s tonight’s homework:

  1. Reading: Finish worksheet #39 on the vowel sounds of au, aw, al, and all.
  2. Math:
    1. Grade 4 – Finish worksheet #34 – Addition and Subtraction Practice
    2. Grade 5 – Finish worksheet #22, Zeros in the Multiplier

Here is a summary of today’s lessons:

A. Religion: Deacon Hilker gave a beautiful homily this morning about God’s individual love for each of us by speaking about how Jesus went to the woman who had been crippled for 18 years and healed her despite the petty objections of the temple leaders he accused Jesus of violating the Sabbath by curing the lady.

Deacon Hilker then went on to talk about how God had plans for him to expand his work for the Church after two scary personal incidents. Thank you, deacons, for serving all of us through your ministry.

B. Mathematics: We started class by clapping out the answers to the table of 6.  We will take a quiz on Wednesday on the table of 6.

Grade 4 group work began with working on worksheet #34, Addition and Subtraction Practice. Then, we checked and collected worksheet #33, Zeros in Subtraction.  See above for homework.

Grade 5 started class by working out the first 7 problems on worksheet #22, Zeros in the Multiplier on the board. Then, they finished the worksheet. See above for homework.

C. Reading: Monday is our Phonics Day.  Today’s focus was vowel sounds.  We did worksheets 36-38 together. Then, students worked independently on worksheet #39. The vowel sounds practiced were oo, ew, ou, ui, au, aw, al, and all.

D. Science: Today we started our new unit on the Structure of Matter.  Our first order of business was defining matter as “anything that has mass and takes up space.”  We then discussed how light was not matter. Following that, we took some notes in our notebook tracing a bit of the history of our knowledge of matter.  This included the contributions of Democritus, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford, and James Chadwick.  We drew a picture and labeled the parts of an atom. We also talked about how Dmitri Mendeleev discovered the pattern in chemistry and developed the first periodic table. Class ended with a story about Glenn T. Seaborg, one of Michigan’s own native sons, who played an important role in naming many of the elements of the periodic table.

E. Our specials today were Library and Latin.

F. Altar training: Following Latin we went over to Church to do the second half of the training for our altar servers. Special thanks to Mrs. Laurie Fulcher and Mrs. Pemberton from our parish who did such a great job of helping us learn how to be altar servers and knowing what goes on at each part of the Mass.

G. English: Today’s lessons ended with students reciting their poems for Mr. Lomas. On Wednesday after Mass we will present our poems to the school and parish community.

Have a great night!



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