Thursday, October 26, 2017

Please remember: All corrected papers returned to students in the Friday folder must be signed and returned to school. Folders will be passed out tomorrow and several students have not returned their folders from last week.

Tonight’s homework is:

Both Grades 4 and 5:

  1. Study for Spelling test if you did not receive a score of 100% on today’s Pretest.
  2. Study for tomorrow’s Science test.  You received a study guide on Wednesday to help you study. All students who get their study guide signed by a parent will receive an extra 5% on tomorrow’s test.


Grade 4: Do page 109 problems 1-14 on the graph paper given to you in class and do worksheet #31.

Grade 5: Finish worksheet #20 handed out in class yesterday.  For extra notches on your reward card, also do worksheet #21.


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