Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back to our website.  Due to updates and changes by the web hosting service, our website has been down for the last few days.  But, we are now back up and here is the latest information.

Tonight’s homework is:

Math Grade 4: page 105 problems 1-14 to be done on the graph paper handed out in class.  We worked on worksheet #28 in class today too.  Students should have it ready to be checked for tomorrow.

Math Grade 5: page 77 – the even numbered problems from 2 to 40 should be done on the graph paper handed out in class.

Reading/English Grades 4 and 5: Continue studying and practicing your poem with a dramatic emphasis.  We will share our poems at a poetry reading on November 1.

Here is a wrap-up of today’s agenda:

Religion: We attended Mass where Father continued to talk about obedience.  He shared the story of Adam and Eve in the garden and discussed how when they disobeyed they lost Paradise. Returning to class, we shared our personal intentions.


A. We started class with a short lesson on the parts of a multiplication sentence.  We learned that a multiplicand is the top/first factor of the problem and the multiplier is the second factor.  The answer is the product.

B. We took a quiz on the times table of 4.  We practiced this is class yesterday before testing on it today.

C. We shared number sentences: one student gave a number, the second student gave another number, the first student then gave the multiplication answer. Then, the second student started the process over.  Every student in the class had a chance to give and answer a problem.

D. Mrs. Hammang distributed worksheet #25 to Grade 4 students, did a few problems with them, and then had them continue to do the work independently.

D. Mrs. Hammang worked with the 5th grade.  Students checked their work on worksheet #17 on patterns in multiplication.  Following this, they began work on page 77 which is multiplication with zero in the multiplicand. See above for homework.

E. Mrs. Hammang worked with 4th grade. Students checked their work on page 103, adding larger numbers.  She then did a few problems with students on page 105, problems with 3 or more addends.  See above for homework.

Reading: We finished working on the phonics worksheets related to long vowels, numbers 30-35. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hammang read the class the story of Midas and the Golden Touch. 

Spelling: We worked on page 59 of our textbook.  In addition, we wrote each one of our spelling words three times in cursive writing.

Music and Physical Education were our special today.

Handwriting: The capital letters P and R were practiced today. After writing 3 lines of each, we wrote 3 lines of Pacific Ocean and Redding Connecticut.

English: We began class by reviewing the 5 capitalization rules we have learned to date. Then, we practiced applying rule 5 by writing the sentences that Mrs. Hammang dictated to us. Students went to the board to show the correct way to capitalize the words. Next, we learned Rule 6 of capitalization related to compass directions.  We worked on correctly capitalizing 4 sentences applying the rule.  Finally volunteers went to the podium and did their oral presentation of their poems. Tomorrow remaining students will do their presentations.

History: We discussed the details of the “Great Game,” the wars in Afghanistan in the 1800’s that involved territory power plays between Russia and Britain over Afghanistan.  We also worked on a crossword puzzle covering the same content.  We will check this tomorrow.

Announcement: Please, parents, sign all of the papers and return them to school in your child’s green take home folder. 


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