Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tonight’s homework is:

Reading: Locate the next 4 vocabulary words in the story, My Brother Sam Is Dead.  Copy the sentence in which the word appears and then look on the worksheet and find the definition that goes with that word. We left off on page 58 in class.  Please start from there.

The vocabulary words are:

speculating      commissary      ambush

thrash               churning           Cholera

ciphering         Continentals       apprentice

shilling            consumption      heave

clambering      rushing a chair seat

holystoning     ramrod              sulk


Special Announcement: All midterms should be turned in.  If you would like a copy of your child’s midterm, kindly write a note requesting one and Mrs. Hammang will send you a copy.

Children were sent home today with fire helmets, fire safety coloring books, and stickers.  Please thank the Williamston Fire Department for these nice gifts. ———————————-

Here is a summary of what happened today in Room 103:

A. Religion: We attended Mass on the Feast of St. John XXIII.  Father continued to talk about self-control, our virtue of the month. He discussed how Jonah was upset when God did not destroy the city of Nineveh.  Yet, Jonah was upset when a plant that had given him shade, died over night.  Father pointed out how much more important the people of Nineveh were than a plant.  He reminded us not to get angry, to hold our tempers and think of what God would want instead of what we want.

B. Math: We had fun working on word problems today.  Special kudos to AE, and DD who worked out the correct solutions to problems 7 and 8 of last night’s homework.  We then started to work on using logical reasoning, worksheet # 23. Fifth grade then brought the class to closure by checking the problems from worksheet #10 on subtraction with zeros in the minuend.

C. Reading/Spelling: Following snack and bathroom break, we continued our study of the vocabulary from our novel, My Brother Sam Is Dead. We located commissary and clambering. See the top for tonight’s reading homework.

In Spelling both groups worked on textbook pages 52 and 53. Grade 4 students worked on long o words made by just o, oa, ow, and o-digraph-e.  They also worked on word meanings, identification of syllables, and matching phonetic spelling with the real spelling.  They also found the parts of speech for boast, clothes, grown, moment, and motel.

Grade 5 students identified base words that changed when suffixes were added.

D. Recess: The morning ended with students having recess in the gym due to the rainy weather.

E. Music and Latin followed lunch.

F. Science: Our last class of the day was science.  Today we learned about more tools of scientists: the hand lens, the spring scale, forceps, the metric tape, the graduated cylinder and the pan scale.  We watched a video on how the spring scale works.  We gathered at the back of the room to watch how to use a pan balance.  Weight and mass are not the same was a topic we explored.  Mrs. Hammang helped us learn how the earth has an iron core which creates a magnetic field which helps create gravity.

That’s it for today.  Have a good night!



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