Monday, Ocotber 30, 2017


  1. Please don’t forget to return all green folders tomorrow with signed papers.  Inside please place the permission slips for our class trips to Lansing Catholic and The Henry Ford.  Parents, we really need drivers for our trip on November 9 to Lansing Catholic.  Please help us if you possibly can.

Here’s tonight’s homework:

  1. Reading: Finish worksheet #39 on the vowel sounds of au, aw, al, and all.
  2. Math:
    1. Grade 4 – Finish worksheet #34 – Addition and Subtraction Practice
    2. Grade 5 – Finish worksheet #22, Zeros in the Multiplier

Here is a summary of today’s lessons:

A. Religion: Deacon Hilker gave a beautiful homily this morning about God’s individual love for each of us by speaking about how Jesus went to the woman who had been crippled for 18 years and healed her despite the petty objections of the temple leaders he accused Jesus of violating the Sabbath by curing the lady.

Deacon Hilker then went on to talk about how God had plans for him to expand his work for the Church after two scary personal incidents. Thank you, deacons, for serving all of us through your ministry.

B. Mathematics: We started class by clapping out the answers to the table of 6.  We will take a quiz on Wednesday on the table of 6.

Grade 4 group work began with working on worksheet #34, Addition and Subtraction Practice. Then, we checked and collected worksheet #33, Zeros in Subtraction.  See above for homework.

Grade 5 started class by working out the first 7 problems on worksheet #22, Zeros in the Multiplier on the board. Then, they finished the worksheet. See above for homework.

C. Reading: Monday is our Phonics Day.  Today’s focus was vowel sounds.  We did worksheets 36-38 together. Then, students worked independently on worksheet #39. The vowel sounds practiced were oo, ew, ou, ui, au, aw, al, and all.

D. Science: Today we started our new unit on the Structure of Matter.  Our first order of business was defining matter as “anything that has mass and takes up space.”  We then discussed how light was not matter. Following that, we took some notes in our notebook tracing a bit of the history of our knowledge of matter.  This included the contributions of Democritus, Niels Bohr, Ernest Rutherford, and James Chadwick.  We drew a picture and labeled the parts of an atom. We also talked about how Dmitri Mendeleev discovered the pattern in chemistry and developed the first periodic table. Class ended with a story about Glenn T. Seaborg, one of Michigan’s own native sons, who played an important role in naming many of the elements of the periodic table.

E. Our specials today were Library and Latin.

F. Altar training: Following Latin we went over to Church to do the second half of the training for our altar servers. Special thanks to Mrs. Laurie Fulcher and Mrs. Pemberton from our parish who did such a great job of helping us learn how to be altar servers and knowing what goes on at each part of the Mass.

G. English: Today’s lessons ended with students reciting their poems for Mr. Lomas. On Wednesday after Mass we will present our poems to the school and parish community.

Have a great night!



Thursday, October 26, 2017

Please remember: All corrected papers returned to students in the Friday folder must be signed and returned to school. Folders will be passed out tomorrow and several students have not returned their folders from last week.

Tonight’s homework is:

Both Grades 4 and 5:

  1. Study for Spelling test if you did not receive a score of 100% on today’s Pretest.
  2. Study for tomorrow’s Science test.  You received a study guide on Wednesday to help you study. All students who get their study guide signed by a parent will receive an extra 5% on tomorrow’s test.


Grade 4: Do page 109 problems 1-14 on the graph paper given to you in class and do worksheet #31.

Grade 5: Finish worksheet #20 handed out in class yesterday.  For extra notches on your reward card, also do worksheet #21.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Have you thought about the fact that Christmas is just 2 months away?  As a family, think about how you can bring Christ into Christmas.

Our school year is quickly rolling along too.  Parents, don’t forget to sign up for a report card conference.  Mr. Lomas sent out an e-mail on October 23rd with the link.  Here it is again:

Here is today’s homework:

Math, Grade 4: Do problems 1-15 on text page 107. Use the graph paper handed out in class to do this. Study for quiz on 5X tables.

Math Grade 5: Do problems 6-20 on page 79. Use the graph paper handed out in class to do this. Study for quiz on 5X tables.

Reading/English: Study your poem making sure to include a dramatic presentation.

Here is a summary of today’s lessons:

Religion: We attended Mass today where Father discussed obedience, the virtue we are emphasizing right now. Father mentioned that there are only 2 important sources that we obey, God and sin.  If we obey God, we will be happy, but if we sin, we will not be happy. Father asked us to think of times we didn’t obey and how it made us feel afterwards.


Grade 4: We began class by doing a practice quiz on the times table of 5.  After that, Grade 4 started worksheet #30 on subtraction with regrouping.  Mrs. Hammang helped us do the first 5 problems. Then, we worked on page 107 problems 1-15.  See above for tonight’s homework.

Grade 5: Multiplication of factors with 2 digits was the focus of today’s lesson. We began class by checking the work from page 77.  Then, we started working on page 79.  See above for homework.


We read and discussed Chapter 7 of My Brother Sam Is Dead. We reviewed the plot up to now and then read how Tim and Father went to Verplancks Road to sell the cows and pigs and how cowboys tried to steal from them.  Thankfully, some militiamen came along to help the Meeker men.


We reviewed for our test on Friday by using a study guide to go over definitions and concepts.  We got up to question #15. The review sheet may be found at the end of today’s summary.

Specials: Music and Latin


We continue to study capitalization rules.  Rules 6 and 7 were studied today. We completed a worksheet applying Rule 7 after we recited these 2 new rules. Class and our day ended with oral recitations of our saint poems.

Here is the Science Study Guide:

Name: _________________________Science Test Study Guide

Make sure you know the meanings of the following terms which can be found in your Science Interactive Notebook or in your Science Spectrum Textbook.
1. pan balance                                         12. water displacement method
2. triple beam balance                            13. Archimedes
3. spring scale                                         14. volume
4. riders                                                   15.gravity
5. density                                                16. newtons
6. graduated cylinder                            17. grams
7. Meniscus line                                    18. hand lens
8. weight                                               19. forceps
9. mass                                                 20. milliliter
10. flask                                                21. beaker
11. Democritus
Make sure you can also explain: (Write out on looseleaf.)

1. What tools are used to measure and what label is placed on the number for the following:
Tool                                                             Unit of Measurement
a. mass ___________________ ___________________
b. weight ___________________ ___________________
c. solid volume _______________ ___________________
d. liquid volume _______________ ___________________

2. How do you measure an object’s mass on a triple beam balance?

3. How do you figure out the volume of a triangular eraser using the water displacement method?

4. Why weight and mass are not the same?

5. What math formula is used to figure out volume of a regularly shaped solid?

6. What math formula is used to figure out density of an object?

7. How do you read a graduated cylinder?

8. Why are units of weight called newtons?

9. What is a hypothesis?

10. What are 5 things a scientists should look for when observing a living thing?







Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome back to our website.  Due to updates and changes by the web hosting service, our website has been down for the last few days.  But, we are now back up and here is the latest information.

Tonight’s homework is:

Math Grade 4: page 105 problems 1-14 to be done on the graph paper handed out in class.  We worked on worksheet #28 in class today too.  Students should have it ready to be checked for tomorrow.

Math Grade 5: page 77 – the even numbered problems from 2 to 40 should be done on the graph paper handed out in class.

Reading/English Grades 4 and 5: Continue studying and practicing your poem with a dramatic emphasis.  We will share our poems at a poetry reading on November 1.

Here is a wrap-up of today’s agenda:

Religion: We attended Mass where Father continued to talk about obedience.  He shared the story of Adam and Eve in the garden and discussed how when they disobeyed they lost Paradise. Returning to class, we shared our personal intentions.


A. We started class with a short lesson on the parts of a multiplication sentence.  We learned that a multiplicand is the top/first factor of the problem and the multiplier is the second factor.  The answer is the product.

B. We took a quiz on the times table of 4.  We practiced this is class yesterday before testing on it today.

C. We shared number sentences: one student gave a number, the second student gave another number, the first student then gave the multiplication answer. Then, the second student started the process over.  Every student in the class had a chance to give and answer a problem.

D. Mrs. Hammang distributed worksheet #25 to Grade 4 students, did a few problems with them, and then had them continue to do the work independently.

D. Mrs. Hammang worked with the 5th grade.  Students checked their work on worksheet #17 on patterns in multiplication.  Following this, they began work on page 77 which is multiplication with zero in the multiplicand. See above for homework.

E. Mrs. Hammang worked with 4th grade. Students checked their work on page 103, adding larger numbers.  She then did a few problems with students on page 105, problems with 3 or more addends.  See above for homework.

Reading: We finished working on the phonics worksheets related to long vowels, numbers 30-35. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hammang read the class the story of Midas and the Golden Touch. 

Spelling: We worked on page 59 of our textbook.  In addition, we wrote each one of our spelling words three times in cursive writing.

Music and Physical Education were our special today.

Handwriting: The capital letters P and R were practiced today. After writing 3 lines of each, we wrote 3 lines of Pacific Ocean and Redding Connecticut.

English: We began class by reviewing the 5 capitalization rules we have learned to date. Then, we practiced applying rule 5 by writing the sentences that Mrs. Hammang dictated to us. Students went to the board to show the correct way to capitalize the words. Next, we learned Rule 6 of capitalization related to compass directions.  We worked on correctly capitalizing 4 sentences applying the rule.  Finally volunteers went to the podium and did their oral presentation of their poems. Tomorrow remaining students will do their presentations.

History: We discussed the details of the “Great Game,” the wars in Afghanistan in the 1800’s that involved territory power plays between Russia and Britain over Afghanistan.  We also worked on a crossword puzzle covering the same content.  We will check this tomorrow.

Announcement: Please, parents, sign all of the papers and return them to school in your child’s green take home folder. 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Here is tonight’s homework:


Grade 4: Use loose leaf to do problems 1-25 on page 97 of your textbook.

Grade 5: Do the worksheet, diagnostic pretest on multiplication.  It is number 65E. Write directly on the paper.

Reading: Both groups should memorize the first 10 lines of their saint poems.


Here is a summary of today’s lessons:

Math: We checked the math homework from last night. Then we took a chapter test.  Following that, we worked on our homework. (See above for details.)

Reading: We first listened to the story and then discussed The Gunniwolf, a story by the Brothers Grimm. Then, everyone took a turn reading a section aloud of Chapter 4 of  My Brother Sam Is Dead. As we read aloud, we discussed the plot of the story guided by some discussion questions that Mrs. Hammang gave us.  Finally, we wrote a 5 sentence summary of the main points of the chapter.

Science: Today we learned the difference between weight and mass. We used our interactive notebooks to record the units of measurement for each as well as tools used to measure each.  We drew pictures in our notebooks of a pan balance and a triple beam balance and learned the names of the parts of these tools as well as how to use the tools. As we discussed how weight measures gravity, we noted that mass never changes, but weight does.  We wrapped up our lesson by talking about how high the pressure is at the bottom of the ocean and how animals have adapted to these conditions.  In particular, we mentioned the Betta splendens, the Siamese fighting fish, and saw some beautiful video footage of these gorgeous creatures.

Music and Physical Education were our specials today.

Handwriting: Hoorah!  Today we finished the last 2 letters of the lower case alphabet, x and z, and practiced writing words with them.

Language Arts: We recited together the 5 rules of capitalization that we have studied. Everyone also had an opportunity to share the first 5 lines of their poem which they memorized.  Tonight we will memorize the next 5 lines.

Religion: We practiced with Mrs. Bauer for tomorrow’s prayer service. We also heard about St. Luke, whose feast is tomorrow.

Recess: We enjoyed recess before lunch, 5 minutes after lunch, and for 10 minutes at the end of the day for a total of 30 minutes.  When added to today’s 40 minute gym class, we had 70 minutes of physical activity today.

That’s all for today. Have a great night and don’t forget to get homework papers signed.

Monday, Ocotber 16, 2017

Tonight’s homework is:

  1. Mathematics: Tomorrow we will have a math test.  To prepare for it, the following homework has been assigned:

Grade 4: 

A. Finish the Cumulative Review on text page 93. Write only the letter of the correct answer next to the number on your loose leaf except for number 23. (This work was assigned last Friday and students should have finished working on it today in class.)
B. Do the Chapter Test on text page 92 problems 1-17. Copy and write answers to questions.

Grade 5:

A. Finish the Cumulative Review on text page 63. Write only the letter of the correct answer next to the number on your loose leaf except for number 23. (This work was assigned last Friday and students should have finished working on it today in class.)

B. Finish the Chapter Test on page 62 on loose leaf. Do problems 1-17. Copy problems beginning with number 10. Do word problems 20-23 also.

Reading/Language Arts: Grades 4 and 5

  1. Memorize the first 5 lines or more of the saint poem that you were assigned to learn. ———————————————————

Below is a summary of activities in today’s classes:

A. Mathematics: Each student went to the board and did 2 problems as a review for tomorrow’s test. Then, students were assigned to complete the work started last Friday as well as today’s new assignment. (See Homework above for details.)

B. Reading: We practiced words with long a and long e in our Phonics lesson.  Four worksheets were completed in class and collected.

C. Spelling: Both fourth and fifth graders took pretests on Unit 7 words.  Pretests were checked and returned. A final test will be given on Friday to students not scoring 100% today. Spelling workbook pages 54 and 55 were also done today.

D. Handwriting: We continued to work on learning our lower case letters using the overcurve. Letters v and y were learned today.  We also practiced writing the words victory, young, and voraciously.

E. Library and Latin were our specials today.

F. Language Arts: We reviewed the first 5 rules for capitalization by reciting the rules aloud. We also received a second copy of our poems to memorize so that we can keep one copy at home and one at school.

G. History: After recess we worked on our worksheet on the Crimean War. Some of us also started working on a map worksheet related to the Crimean War.

That’s it for today.  Have a great night.




Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tonight’s homework is:

Reading: Locate the next 4 vocabulary words in the story, My Brother Sam Is Dead.  Copy the sentence in which the word appears and then look on the worksheet and find the definition that goes with that word. We left off on page 58 in class.  Please start from there.

The vocabulary words are:

speculating      commissary      ambush

thrash               churning           Cholera

ciphering         Continentals       apprentice

shilling            consumption      heave

clambering      rushing a chair seat

holystoning     ramrod              sulk


Special Announcement: All midterms should be turned in.  If you would like a copy of your child’s midterm, kindly write a note requesting one and Mrs. Hammang will send you a copy.

Children were sent home today with fire helmets, fire safety coloring books, and stickers.  Please thank the Williamston Fire Department for these nice gifts. ———————————-

Here is a summary of what happened today in Room 103:

A. Religion: We attended Mass on the Feast of St. John XXIII.  Father continued to talk about self-control, our virtue of the month. He discussed how Jonah was upset when God did not destroy the city of Nineveh.  Yet, Jonah was upset when a plant that had given him shade, died over night.  Father pointed out how much more important the people of Nineveh were than a plant.  He reminded us not to get angry, to hold our tempers and think of what God would want instead of what we want.

B. Math: We had fun working on word problems today.  Special kudos to AE, and DD who worked out the correct solutions to problems 7 and 8 of last night’s homework.  We then started to work on using logical reasoning, worksheet # 23. Fifth grade then brought the class to closure by checking the problems from worksheet #10 on subtraction with zeros in the minuend.

C. Reading/Spelling: Following snack and bathroom break, we continued our study of the vocabulary from our novel, My Brother Sam Is Dead. We located commissary and clambering. See the top for tonight’s reading homework.

In Spelling both groups worked on textbook pages 52 and 53. Grade 4 students worked on long o words made by just o, oa, ow, and o-digraph-e.  They also worked on word meanings, identification of syllables, and matching phonetic spelling with the real spelling.  They also found the parts of speech for boast, clothes, grown, moment, and motel.

Grade 5 students identified base words that changed when suffixes were added.

D. Recess: The morning ended with students having recess in the gym due to the rainy weather.

E. Music and Latin followed lunch.

F. Science: Our last class of the day was science.  Today we learned about more tools of scientists: the hand lens, the spring scale, forceps, the metric tape, the graduated cylinder and the pan scale.  We watched a video on how the spring scale works.  We gathered at the back of the room to watch how to use a pan balance.  Weight and mass are not the same was a topic we explored.  Mrs. Hammang helped us learn how the earth has an iron core which creates a magnetic field which helps create gravity.

That’s it for today.  Have a good night!



Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tonight’s homework is:


  1. Grade 4 and Grade 5: Complete last 4 word problems on worksheet #13.
  2. Grade 5: Complete worksheet #10 on subtracting with zeros as the minuend.

Reminder for parents: Please sign and return all papers that were in your child’s green Friday folder as well as the Progress Report that was sent home last Friday.

What did the children do today in Room 103?

A. Mass/Religion: Father talked about self-control, our virtue of the month and tied it in with today’s Gospel which talked about how “Martha threw a fit (Father’s words”)  when her sister Mary did not help her wait on Jesus and his friends. Father mentioned that Martha did not display self-control.  He gave examples of how the children can show self-control, namely, by always raising their hands for permission before speaking and by walking in lines as directed by the teacher. Back in class we followed up with Father’s remarks by talking about being calm instead of getting angry, by not eating or drinking too much, and by waiting to say something instead of just blurting out a comment.

B. Mathematics:

1. Both groups worked together to do a lesson on Guess and Test for word problems.  We tried several numbers to fit into word problems until the correct number was reached for the missing variable. We worked on the first 4 problems on worksheet #13 together. Following this both groups worked on completing problems 5-8 on worksheet #13.

2. Grade 5 students then checked the problems on page 51 of the text on subtraction with zeros. These papers were then collected.

C. Fire Safety Assembly: We participated in an assembly led by our local Williamston Fire Chief.  The Chief talked about how we can be safe at home.  This included the following important safety rules:

1. Get out of the house right away.

2. Agree on a designated gathering area outside by family members.

3.Never play with matches or fire starters or candles.

4.  Don’t hide if firemen come into the house, even if we played a roll in starting the fire.

5. Put your hand on the back of a closed door before opening it, if you see smoke coming from behind it.

6. Stop, drop, and roll if your clothing is on fire.

7. Stay out of the house after you have exited . Don’t go back inside for anything.

We also saw all of the safety equipment that the firemen use as one of the firemen put it on.  We had a chance to answer questions and then we went outside to look at the truck itself.  Way cool!

D. Reading: We received a new vocabulary paper from Chapters 4-6 of My Brother Sam Is Dead. We practiced skimming for words in Chapter 4 and then copied the context in which the word was found.  Finally, we found the definition of that word in the matching section of the worksheet.

E. Recess: We enjoyed 25 minutes of recess.

F. Lunch/Music: After lunch, we went to music with our new teacher.

G. Handwriting: The letters m and n were the topic of the day.  We learned about the overcurve stroke where we start on the bottom line, go up in an arch to the middle line and then go back down to the bottom line.  We practiced writing this stroke, the letters m and n, and wrote words containing these letters like nine, dine, dime, man, nine, and name.

H. Physical Education: We enjoyed a spirited form of the game of tag using a nerf-type ball.

I. Celebration: We really enjoyed our celebration of getting notches on our reward cards.  We began with enjoying some ice cream cones. Then, we received our reward bags.  The bags included items based on the number of notches that each student earned.  All students got 2 pieces of candy.  Then, some students got sticker sheets while others got Halloween coloring and activity books. Congratulations to AC, grade 5, who received the candy, stickers, coloring book, a pack of 6 card games, and a necklace. Our celebration ended with students having 30 extra minutes of recess today.

J. Science: We wrapped up the day with a study of the tools of scientists.  We looked at pictures of tools and then tried to guess their names.  We then drew on a sheet of paper the first two tools: the hand lens and the spring scale.  We will continue this lesson tomorrow.

K. Dismissal – Have a great night everyone!



Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tonight’s homework is:


Grade 4: Do worksheet #18 on Addition and Subtraction sentences as well as worksheet #25 on Front End Estimation.

Grade 5: Do worksheet #9 on Adding 3 or more addends.

Language Arts: All students were given a sheet today with poems written by saints. Each student will select a poem to memorize and share it with the student body at an assembly.