Wednesday, March 1, 2017

“Happy Ash Wednesday.”  This is what Father Mark said as he started the homily for today’s Ash Wednesday’s Mass.  Father told us to forget giving up coffee and candy if we fail to get closer to God personally during this Lenten season. He went on to say that such sacrifices are good if they help us to know God better and serve Him better.

What happened today in Room 103?

A. Music: Mrs. Lowry’s substitute went over several songs with the children that Mrs. Lowry had previously taught them.

B. Reading:We checked the fill in the blanks worksheet using the vocabulary words we learned for Chapter 3 of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. This was then collected.  Next, students worked on the comprehension questions for Chapter 3.  Please note: all of the questions are due tomorrow for homework.  This includes the Critical Thinking Questions as well as the Create Section.  Question 2 is optional, however in this last section.

C. Spelling: Both Grade 4 and Grade 5 need to complete pages 135-136 which was assigned yesterday for homework due tomorrow.

D. Handwriting: Our handwriting lesson today tied in with our Religion.  Grade 5 needs to finish workbook pages 48-49 for homework on the Liturgical Year. Grade 4 should finish page 64 of their text on the topic of Lent.

E. Mathematics: Fifth graders demonstrated a very good understanding of subtracting fractions today as they checked worksheet #55. They then started a worksheet, #56, to further reinforce skills of subtracting fractions. Tonight’s homework is to finish this sheet.

Fourth grade students checked worksheet #62 on triple digit division.  Following that, they were assigned to complete problems 5-14 on More Division Practice from their text page 185.  This is tonight’s homework.

F. Social Studies: During Social Studies fifth graders finished their reports on Christopher Columbus.  Meanwhile, fourth graders worked independently on completing the 13 questions on the worksheet covering text pages 124-127, the Mid Atlantic states today.  This work will be finished in tomorrow’s class.

G. Recess was an opportunity for students to have some down time and a break from the highly focused work of Math and Social Studies.

H. Religion: Today’s lessons ended with Religion.  Some students shared what they had written on their Lenten journal sheets. A lively discussion followed that in which we talked about the history of distribution of ashes.  Students were surprised to learn that it was in the 11th century when the Church finalized the practice of putting ashes on the foreheads of people during the Ash Wednesday liturgy.  Nonetheless, we learned that even the Jewish people long before the birth of Jesus had dressed in sackcloth and ashes to seek God’s forgiveness for transgressions.  We talked about how King David had done this after his sin of murder of Bathsheba’s husband.  We also mentioned Queen Esther and the Jews who did this to pray to God to deliver them from the hands of the evil advisor to the King. We ended class by discussing the Stations of the Cross which we will lead the school community in on Friday.

Have a beautiful night!

Mrs. Hammang