Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Today Fat Tuesday was celebrated in Room 103. In honor of this day, just before Ash Wednesday, the children of Room 103 enjoyed yummy paczkis, a traditional doughnut, during snack time.

What else happened in Room 103?

A. Mass/Religion: Father Mark told us about the virtue of fortitude, another word for courage. He mentioned that the Holy Spirit helps us to exercise this virtue which is needed when a challenging task must be tackled. Returning to the classroom, we reviewed the 3 tasks of Lent: prayer, almsgiving, and fasting. We reminded ourselves that tomorrow is a day of abstinence, no meat. We also voted on what charitable group we wanted to send our collected monies to.  The winner organization was the St. Jude Foundation.  Mrs. Hammang distributed the Lenten journal sheet on Ash Wednesday. We will share this paper with our family on Friday when it will be put into our weekly folder. Homework tonight is to finish this sheet.

Mrs. Hammang also read to us from the Little Black Book of Lent published by the Diocese of Saginaw. We heard about the history of the King Cake. While we did not have King Cake to share today, we did enjoy hearing about the history of the paczki filled with apples, strawberries, or cherries.

B. Reading: We checked the worksheet of vocabulary that was last night’s homework for which we had to find the vocabulary word that we received a definition for. Mrs. Hammang took scores from this. Next, we did a fill in the blanks worksheet using our Chapter 3 vocabulary words; and we also wrote sentences of our own using 3 of the vocabulary words. If this was not finished in class, it is tonight’s homework. Mrs. Hammang handed out the comprehension questions from Chapter 3. We began working on them, but will work again on this tomorrow in class.

C. Spelling: Both fourth and fifth graders worked with Mrs. Hammang to complete textbook pages 135-136.  Any work not finished will be completed as part of tomorrow night’s (due Thursday) homework.

D. Snack and Bathroom Break: Paczkis were enjoyed during this time.

E. Cyber-Security Presentation: Mrs. Ogle, representing Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, led us in a discussion and the watching of a film on cyber security. A paper was sent home tonight detailing the presentation. Students also received complimentary pencils emblazoned with the name of the Attorney General.

F. Mathematics: Fifth graders used their white board slates to practice problems on subtraction with fractions. After that, they received worksheet # 55 to complete. Tonight’s homework is to do worksheet #55 – Fraction Differences.

Fourth graders had an opportunity to have more practice in division with 3 places. We corrected yesterday’s homework from page 183 problems 5-24. Then we received worksheet #62 to do, Division with 3 digits. Tonight’s homework is to finish this worksheet.

G. Social Studies: Two of the fifth graders continued to type up their biography of Christopher Columbus, while the other 2 practiced the cantoring parts for tomorrow’s Ash Wednesday service. Fourth graders completed Questions 11-15 on the Northeast with Mrs. Hammang’s help. Then, they received the new worksheet on the Mid Atlantic states. There is no homework tonight in Social Studies.

H. Physical Education/Recess: Recess followed PE class which focused on returning the balls to the server.  After PE boys played basketball, but girls became involved in a charades game.

I. Science: This was our final subject of the day.  We learned the meaning of plagiarism. We were reminded that while taking notes we can’t just copy what we see.  Instead, our science fair note cards should include a question related to our topic as well as the answer to the question in a Cornell notes format. We practiced writing out a notecard taking information on gravity as it relates to Isaac Newton’s work as a scientist. Pleases see below an example of how to do notecards for Science Fair. Have a good night!

Name: Student Name              Science Fair Notes

Date: February 28, 2017


Topic: Gravity
Subtopic: Isaac Newton’s role in understanding gravity
Source: Give name of source, author, publication date, where published and by whom


Facts: (Bullet with numbers)

When did Newton      1. For just 2-4 years

study gravity?           2. Published work in mid 1660’s


When did Newton       1. In 1687

publish his work         2. Wrote Principia

on gravity?


What did Newton   1. Wrote law of universal gravitation

help us under-       2. Helped explain how satellites move

stand about            3. Helped explain the movement  gravity?                                   of other objects in the sky

Key Words: satellite, gravity, Isaac Newton,



Monday, February 27, 2017

Good afternoon, students and parents,

A. Mass: Father Mark talked today about the virtue of trustworthiness. He shared a story with us about how he dealt with the virtue related to many people place money on a table in Church and how he collected it and put it in a safe place. He reminded us that we need to be trustworthy too.

Religion: This week marks the beginning of Lent.  Earlier today right after Mass, our class talked about what we will be doing during the Lenten season.  First off, we discussed the 3 classic actions of Lent: fasting/abstaining from meat, almsgiving, and prayer. We mentioned that traditionally Catholics give up meat on Ash Wednesday and all of the Fridays in Lent.

Then, we talked about how we will conduct almsgiving. One of our classmates shared with us the fact that many members of the parish took baby bottles from a table at Church and will fill them with money to support mothers with new babies. The children were asked to think about whom they would like to designate as a recipient of any monies collected in the room. We will have a large container to collect money here in the room. Students will decide tomorrow what organization should receive these funds.

We next focused on the traditional sacrifices of Lent: giving up candy, giving up computer games, giving up TV as well as doing something extra good during Lent like volunteering to set the table at home without being asked or cleaning the bathroom.  Tomorrow the children will complete a Lenten log sheet outlining what actions they will take during Lent.

Before sitting back down at our seats, we listened as Mrs. Hammang  read from the little black book which has reflections from St. John on the Passion of Jesus. We also learned that on Friday our class will lead Stations of the Cross, a special devotion recalling the final moments of Jesus.

C. Spanish was enjoyed with Senora.

D. Reading: After snack and our bathroom break we jumped right into Reading.  In class today we checked the answers to the comprehension questions from Chapter 2.  Then, we received a vocabulary worksheet in which Mrs. Hammang gave us the definition and the page upon which a vocabulary word in Chapter 3 is found.  Our task is to figure out what word on the page is being defined. This is tonight’s homework.

E. Spelling: Both Grade 5 and Grade 4 completed page 134 in the workbook today.  Anyone not finishing this in class today must finish it tonight for Homework. Grade 5 focused on words which have prefixes meaning “not”  These prefixes include “in,” “un,” “non,” “im,” and “dis.” Meanwhile fourth graders looked at words ending in “en” and “le.” Our test on Unit 20 will be on Friday.

F. Mathematics: Triple digit division was introduced today with Grade 4. The children first checked and then turned in worksheet 61 entitled “More 2 Digit Quotients.” Triple digit division problems were next.  The children did problems 5-24 on page 183. Tonight’s homework is to finish this assignment.

Grade 5 continued to work on renaming mixed numbers.  We did a few problems on worksheet #54 together as well as corrected the rest of the problems. We turned this worksheet in today.  There is no homework tonight for Grade 5 in math.

G. Social Studies: Grade 5 students worked independently at the rear of the room typing their reports on Christopher Columbus based on facts gleaned from their text. Simultaneously, fourth graders worked with Mrs. Hammang to answer questions on New England today using their book pages 119-124. We did questions 1-10.  We will finish the remaining questions (11-15) in tomorrow’s class.

H. Library: As always Mrs. Palazzolo kept us busy doing work related to Reading month.

I. Recess: With the pleasant weather, who wouldn’t want to go out for recess?  So, we did, and enjoyed playing four square as well as walking outside in the beautiful weather.

J. Clean up Time: Today at the end of the day, we took time to straighten out our desks.

Have a fantastic evening!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Good afternoon, students and parents,

Here is a summary of today’s activities in Room 103:

A. Mass and Religion: Father introduced the virtue of responsibility today.  He talked about the need to be responsible and do the jobs to which we are assigned including homework.  He told us the story that once when he was behind in getting his homework done, he awoke in the early morning hours and distinctly heard God say, “Get up, Mark, let’s do your homework together.” He said that he did get up and do it and then had such a good feeling of accomplishment.  He encouraged us not to get discouraged when we don’t get all of our work done, but instead keep on trying to catch up.

B. Prayer: After we returned from Mass, we offered our special intentions.  Today we especially prayed for our ill classmates and others in our family who are ill.

C. Reading: Our reading class today required us to match up vocabulary words on small pieces of paper with the words they defined.  We had to place all of our vocabulary words next to the definitions which we had already pasted to a paper. Mrs. Hammang would check the list to make sure all of the answers were correct before we pasted on the vocabulary word cards. Next, we used the word list we created from the matched list to complete fill in the blank sentences.  Homework tonight is to finish the vocabulary worksheet on Chapter 2 which includes writing 3 sentences of our own using the words at the bottom of the sheet.

D. Spelling: Both Grade 4 and Grade 5 were assigned to complete workbook pp. 132-133 for homework.

E. Language Arts: Our knowledge of grammar increased today as we studied adjectives.  We learned that adjectives are words that describe and most of them answer the questions:

  1. How many?
  2. What color?
  3. What kind or type?

We began class by using adjectives to describe the class rocking chair at the back of the room, a pair of red-handled scissors, and a container of wipes. Then we learned what a predicate adjective and direct objects are.  We diagrammed 20 sentences, all of which had adjectives. Homework tonight is to finish diagramming the 20 sentences on the worksheet handed out in class.

F. Mathematics: Fourth graders evaluated how proficient they are in dividing by 2 digits with no remainders by checking problems 1-14 on page 179 of the text as well as worksheet #60. Then, Mrs. Hammang introduced how to divide with 2 digits where there are remainders. Homework tonight is to do page 181 problems (6-20).

Grade 5 checked problems on mixed numbers on workbook page 53. Then, we learned how to convert and add mixed numbers on text page 172. Homework tonight is to do page 172 problems (5-24).

G. Social Studies: Grade 5 students are in the process of writing a biography of Christopher Columbus using 16 questions to guide their work whose answers must be included in the biography. The assignment is:

Your job is to write about the life and adventures of Christopher Columbus using your textbook pages 134-137 to help you. In your writing make sure to include the following information:

  1. What country was he from?
  2. What was the purpose of Columbus’ expedition?
  3. What adventures did he have before became a ship’s captain?
  4. What unique idea did he have of how to reach Asia?
  5. Who financed his journey?
  6. Why didn’t the king of Portugal finance him?
  7. What were the names of his ships?
  8. Who set sail with Columbus in 1492?
  9. What was the theme of the voyage ?
  10. How did Columbus trick the crew from mutinying
  11. What bargain did he strike with his crew about continuing to sail?
  12. Where did Columbus and the sailors first land?
  13. Where did he land the second time he set off?
  14. Why did he call the islands the Indies?
  15. Did Columbus ever find the Indies ?
  16. What do you think was Columbus’ biggest achievement?

Fifth graders will finish this assignment in class tomorrow.

Fourth graders focused on modern New England as their topic of study today. We read and discussed the content from our text pages 119-120. We debated what kind of community Williamston, MI is: an urban area, suburban area, or rural area.  We also gave reasons why many people like to live in urban areas. We further talked about the variety  of geographical features of New England: city vs. village, coastal plain vs. farther inland, mountains or valleys. There is no homework in Social Studies tonight for Grade 4 or Grade 5.

H. Physical Education and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Our day ended with our participating in both of these subjects.

Have a super night!

Mrs. Hammang



Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Here’s the latest from Room 103:

A. Mass and Religion: Today our class led the school at Mass. Today was the feast of the Chair of St. Peter. In honor of that, Father Mark wore vestments showing St. John Paul II. He also talked about the virtue of respect and gave examples of how we can show respect to parents and teachers. Returning to our room we briefly reminded ourselves of how we can be respectful in the classroom.

B. Music: Mrs. Lowry had a sub today who played a game with us called the Poison Frog.

C. Reading: After snack and a bathroom break, we shared the answers to yesterday’s comprehension questions from Chapter 1 of our story. This included reading our letters to parents from the point of view of the Pevensie children. We also shared our drawings of the Professor. We wrapped up reading by reading Chapter 2 of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe aloud. Tonight’s homework is to finish reading the last 6 pages of the chapter.

D. Spelling: Both groups took a pretest today and then worked on textbook pages 130-131. Homework is to finish these workbook pages.

E. Math: Grade 5 worked on the blackboard to hone their skills in adding mixed numbers. Homework is to finish worksheet #53. Grade 4 worked independently to reinforce yesterday’s new skill, dividing with 2 digits. Homework tonight is to do worksheet #60.

F. Science: we spent much of our afternoon becoming familiar with the electronic notecard on our class website: stmsrys103.org. We learned how to download the document, go to a website, cut and paste the URL into the note card, and take notes from the website. We took turns with a partner using the computer. This included looking at biographical references also found on our class website. After our recess break, we looked at a few more websites. We will continue working on this skill, but encountered a problem today when 2 of our class computers indicated they had a virus.

G. Social Studues: Grade 4 students finished working on a test started last Friday. After that, they looked up 8 vocabulary words and wrote their definitions in sentences. The words were on page 119 of our text. The fifth graders checked their work on definitions from textbook pages 127 and page 139. Both groups will submit this work tomorrow.

That’s for today. Have a blessed night.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.  Even though, we have had some warmer days lately, make sure to wear clothing warm enough to go outside in the morning and during recess.

What’s the news from Room 103?

A. Mass: Father talked about the virtue of prayerfulness and how we need to work at keeping ourselves still at Mass so that we can concentrate on God.

B. Reading: After we shared our prayer intentions, we worked together on the first 4 comprehension questions related to the The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Homework tonight is for students to finish questions 5 and 6 in Part 1 as well as the 2 Critical Thinking Questions in Part 2, and Question 1 in Part 3 which entails writing a letter from the point of view of one of the Pevensie Children (Peter, Susan, Edmud, or Lucy) to parents describing the experience so far at the Professor’s House. Students may select either Questions 2 or Question 3 in Part 3.  Question 3 involves drawing a picture of the Professor. 

C. Spelling: Grade 5 worked on definitions of the new spelling words for Unit 19. They did this by using their word sort cards and answering questions dictated by Mrs. Hammang.  As the definition was given, students found the word that was defined, numbered it, and marked special parts of the words that might be problematic to spell.  They also indicated on the word card if the word was a noun, verb, or adjective. Homework tonight for Grade 5 is to complete spelling workbook pages 128 and 129. Meanwhile, Grade 4 spellers used graph paper to show the word configuration of this week’s words and completed workbook page 128.  This is tonight’s homework.

D. Language Arts: Students reviewed a common use of the comma, to separate items in a list.  Students completed sentences requiring 3 items in a list.  They wrote sentences 17-24 out on looseleaf.  This paper was collected.

E. Mathematics: Grade 4 students practiced using the rules of divisibility with some sample numbers.  Each student received a problem which they had to decide if it was divisible by 2,3,4,5,9, and 10.   Next, the children worked on division with 2 digits in the dividend.  Homework tonight is to finish problems 1-14 on page 179. Grade 5 students worked on adding mixed numbers.  There is no math homework tonight for Grade 5.

F. Religion/Mass Practice: After lunch, we went over to Church to practice for tomorrow’s Mass.

G. Physical Education/Recess: Returning to school from Church, students changed into PE clothes and participated in PE.  An additional 20 minutes of recess time immediately followed.

H. Science: Today students learned why it is important to research information on scientists that might have something to do with their science fair project.  Mrs. Hammang handed out some printed slides with information on how to do this.  The children also received a sheet with online references that can be used to do science fair research as well as a paper copy of the electronic note card that will be used in class tomorrow.

Special note to parents: Do not be concerned that your child has not turned in any electronic note cards yet.  We will be doing these in class.  Some scheduling issues as well as student absences due to ill health have put us a bit behind, but we will catch up. Please do not work ahead on this.  Students will be taught this week how to correctly complete the note cards.  Thanks for your understanding.

Have a blessed night!

Mrs. Hammang

Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Presidents’ Weekend!  Today was a super busy one with our class trying to squeeze our work into a short schedule, but we did it.  Here’s what we did:

  1. Mass: Father discussed the virtue of patriotism.  He talked about the origin of the word from the Latin “patria” meaning fatherland or country.  He also emphasized that we need to respect and thank all of the people in services that help us to stay free.  He further emphasized that we need to respect and thank our parents who help us in our homes.
  2. Art: Mrs. Herek worked with us during Art.
  3. Snack and Bathroom: Our snack was extra long today courtesy of BJ who brought in awesome ice cream treats for all in honor of his birthday.
  4. Reading: We worked on the vocabulary from our new book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We found small sheets of paper with vocabulary words and idiomatic phrases on them in an envelope.  We had to match the words with their definitions on another sheet.  After that, we called Mrs. Hammang over to our desks to check to see if our answers were correct.  If they were, then we could glue the words down on a piece of yellow construction paper.  If they weren’t correct, we had to fix them before we could move on.  Next, we grabbed a worksheet using the vocabulary words from the front table.  We had to fill in the blanks using the vocabulary words as well as use some words in sentences of our own.
  5. Social Studies: Fifth graders worked as a group to finish defining the vocabulary words on page 127 and 130 of our book.  In the meantime, fourth graders completed their test on the chapter of the Northeast.
  6. Math: Grade 4 students first checked worksheets 57 and 58 on estimating quotients and dividing with one number.  Then, they applied the divisibility rules by completing as a group worksheet #59.

We ended the day and week by acting like trees.  In our words, it was time for all of us to “leaf” (spell that leave) since this was a half day. Have a beautiful weekend!

Best regards,

Mrs. Hammang

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Below is a summary of activities for today:

  1. Mass: Father Mark introduced the virtue of obedience.  He told us that the word “obedience” comes from the Latin word “audire” meaning to hear.  In other words, before we can obey, we must listen to what the person giving us directions wants us to do.  Back in the room, we talked about how we can obey in the classroom.
  2. Religion: We practiced today in the classroom and in Church for next Wednesday’s Mass since Mrs. Bauer will not be available next week.  It will be the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter.  We discussed the fact that St. Peter was so important that he has 2 feasts in his honor including this one. The Feast of the Chair celebrates St. Peter’s and subsequent Popes’ teaching authority.  We talked about what it means to be infallible and how the Pope can issue “ex cathedra” statements which the faithful are expected to believe.
  3. Reading/Language Arts: Members of our class read the legends to the class that they had written yesterday. We then discussed how their story met the requirements of a fantasy story. Following this, Mrs. Hammang distributed our new book to read, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We took turns reading Chapter 1 which we finished.
  4. Spelling/Handwriting: Grade 5 worked on page 126 in Spelling and pages 38 to 40 in Handwriting. This is homework if not done in class. Grade 4 worked on Spelling pages 123-125 and on Handwriting pages 32, 45, and 49. This is homework if not done in class.
  5. Math: Fifth graders sharpened their skills in working with fractions today.  First, they checked worksheet #52 which was collected. Then, they worked on adding mixed numbers using page 171 in the text problems 1-18. This is homework if not done in class. Meanwhile, Grade 4 learned the rules of divisibility and copied the rules into their math notebooks. Grade 4 has no math homework tonight.
  6. Social Studies: In their new chapter, Grade 5 students defined the key terms on page 127 of their textbook. Grade 4 worked with Mrs. Hammang and answered the Chapter Review questions on page 117 of the text.  We did questions 1-8. We will finish the last 2 questions before taking our open-book test tomorrow.
  7. Recess: We braved the weather and went out today for recess. About half of the class played on the swings, while the others played with the snow mounds, or kicked or tossed a football around.
  8. PE time today meant cooperatively working with each other to play a modified version of soccer.
  9. Cathechesis of the Good Shepherd: Our day ended with CGS.

Have a great night!

Mrs. Hammang

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What was on the agenda today in Room 103?

A. Mass: Loyalty was the virtue of the day.  Father talked about what loyalty is and how we need to be loyal  When we returned to our room during our prayer corner time we talked about how we need to be loyal to our family, our country, and our school.  We had an interesting conversation about how loyalty can be challenging when the family can be undergoing a difficult time, like when parents don’t always get along or when someone is sick for a long time. We also shared our prayer intentions during this time.

B. Music: Mrs. Lowry was not here today, but we had a substitute teacher who worked with us today.

C. Reading: After snack and our bathroom break, we launched into an activity related to our new book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We looked at slides related to the characteristics of a fantasy story. Next, we read and discussed a Cherokee legend about why the trees lose their leaves.  Playing off of that we spent the rest of the period writing a short legend of our own.  We will share these in class tomorrow.

D. Spelling followed next.  Grade 5 students worked on pp. 123-125. Homework is to finish these pages. Grade 4 worked on pp. 120-122. Homework is to finish these pages.

E. Math: Grade 5 honed their skills in adding 3 fractions, while Grade 4 reinforced their skill in estimating simple quotients and dividing by 1 number.  Homework tonight is: Grade 5 do worksheet 52 and Grade 4 does worksheets 57 and 58.

F. Language Arts: One of our classmates presented her family interview. Then, we finished watching The Princess Bride. We finished up in this area by brainstorming and writing down ways in which the movie met the requirements of a fantasy story.

G. Social Studies: Grade 5 completed an open book test today on the Northeast.  Grade 4 students checked the worksheet entitled “Coming to America” a study of Immigration. Then, on page 119 we did the first 5 Checking Vocabulary questions in the Chapter Review.  Tomorrow we will finish this work in preparation for a test in Social Studies on Friday.

H. Recess came next.  A lively game of football was played as well as some students practiced their b-ball shooting skills.

I. Religion: Our day ended with Grade 4 reading and talking about Isaac, the son of Abraham.  Then, students completed activity book pages 17 and 18.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day, students and parents,

Today was a wonderful and fun day in Room 103.  First off, many thanks to our wonderful parents for the awesome treats that the children brought in.  They were thoroughly enjoyed by all including the teacher.

What else happened in Room 103 today?

A. Mass: Father talked about the virtue of kindness and gave several examples of how we can all be kind to others.

B. Religion: We returned to class and shared our intentions for prayer.  Later, we also listened to the story of St. Valentine and had an opportunity to color a picture reminding us of him. Going over to Church, we practiced for tomorrow’s Mass with Mrs. Bauer leading us in song.

C. Spelling 4: Grade 4 students checked the word sort that they worked on Friday and Monday.  Then, we took our test on Unit 17 words. Following that fourth graders enjoyed recess while 5th graders completed the Reading battery standardized test with Mrs. Penn.

D. Math: Everyone, Grade 4 and Grade 5, worked on 2 Valentine math sheets today.  One was on division, while the other was on multiplication.

E. Lunch/Recess/PE and our awesome party: We spent the entire afternoon having our terrific time in our room. First, we started watching the movie, The Princess Bride.  Then, we joined Mrs. Kuhr and Father Mark in the gym for our PE class. As we walked back to our room, we selected items from our beautiful spread of treats including fruit arranged on sticks, cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, and lots of different kinds of juices.  We enjoyed eating all these goodies until about 2:45 we turned off our movie to hand out our Valentines.  We will finish watching our movie tomorrow.

Enjoy this evening!  No homework tonight!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Good afternoon, students and parents,

Tomorrow is our special Valentine’s Day celebration.  Please remember, if you can, to send food items or drinks to school  for our afternoon party.  Grade 4 students bring bars, cookies, brownies, bags of cookies or celery.  Fifth graders bring either bottles of water or juice. Students may distribute Valentine cards as long as everyone in the class gets one. We will see a movie tomorrow.  Kindly read the e-mail I have sent regarding the movie choices.

What happened today in Room 103?

A. Prayer Service: Today Deacon Hilker conducted a prayer service.  He focused his homily on the first reading of the Mass, the death of Abel by Cain.  The main point he made was that although God is not happy with the sin, he continues to love the sinner.

B. Spanish: Students met with Senora Hartges to continue their study of Spanish.

C. Snack and Bathroom Break, followed this.

D. Social Studies Grade 5 and Spelling Grade 5/Spelling Grade 4: While the fourth graders took the NWEA standardized test in Reading, Grade 5 completed the chapter review on page 119 of the text.  Students also worked on the review unit in Spelling pp. 120-122.  Homework tonight is for Grade 5 to finish this work. Grade 5 students will have an open-book test on Wednesday on this material. When Grade 4 students returned from testing they worked on matching spelling words with their meanings by doing a spelling sort.

E. Grade 5 Math: Fifth graders went to the board and demonstrated their master of addition of fractions with unlike denominators. Homework tonight is to finish worksheet #51 on this topic. Grade 4 students did not have math today due to the standardized testing.

F. Science: After lunch and recess, students studied science.  First, they were reminded that Science Fair Proposals are due tomorrow.  Please remember that all projects must be experiments not demonstrations with an independent and dependent variable.  Students must be able to graph results. Homework tonight is to turn in a Science Fair Proposal tomorrow. Students then made a graphic organizer and watched a movie on motion and force.

Library: Students enjoyed hearing a story and working on creative art expression.

Recess: Boys played football and girls mostly played basketball.

Social Studies 4 and Religion 5: Grade 4 students read about the life of the early people of the Northeast and did a fill in the blank worksheet with a partner on this.  Grade 5 students read in their Religion books about the angels and completed a worksheet with a partner.

Have a terrific night!