Thursday, January 26, 2017

Below is a summary of today’s activities in Room 103:

A. Mass: Father talked about how Jesus is the light of the world and how no one can take that light away from us unless we let them.  This includes the devil.

B. Reading: We shared one important date from our timelines with the class. Each person had a chance to say why that date was important.  Next, we read a mini-biography about Babe Ruth in which we learned that he revolutionized baseball because of his high-powered hitting.  We completed a worksheet related to equipment of baseball, how Ruth changed it, and a comparison of the baseball of 1900 with the baseball of today. Then, we worked on the computers at the back of the room to type up 5 quotes attributed to the person we read the biography about or 5 quotes about the person we read the biography about.

C. Spelling: In Spelling the 4th grade did a word hunt for words with the kw sound that were found in a selection about quilt making.  They also completed a worksheet of definitions about the weekly list words and applied their knowledge of spelling patterns by completing textbook pages 112 and 113. Homework tonight is to finish the worksheet and textbook pp. 112 and 113.

Grade 5 did a word hunt on page 113 about runners and applied spelling patterns of -er and -est words to complete page 112. Tonight’s homework for Grade 5 is to finish workbook pages 112 and 113.

D. Religion: Grade 4 independently read textbook pages 24-27 on the patriarch, Abraham, and then used Activity Book pages 12-14 to help them demonstrate an understanding of the concepts learned.  Homework tonight is to finish Activity Book pages 12-14.

Meanwhile, Grade 5 read aloud from the text pp. 21-24 as well as Genesis Chapter 1 to paint a picture of the creative power of God.  The children talked about how creative God is and how He is not a creature since he was not created, but rather is the Creator.  In addition, we mentioned that the Church does not teach that the order of creation must be accepted exactly as written in the Bible since the customary way of determining days is based on the rising and setting of the sun, and Genesis does not mention the creation of the sun until the fourth day. Nonetheless, this does not diminish God’s power because what is important is not how God accomplished this, but rather, the fact that God did accomplish this. To wrap up the lesson, students applied their understanding of an all-powerful God by doing Activity Book pages 11-13.  Tonight’s homework is to finish Activity Book pages 11-13.

E. Snack and recess followed.

F. Mathematics: Tomorrow Grade 4 will have a test of multiplication. To prepare for it, students practiced skills on the “Check Your Progress” page of the text, page 158. Tomorrow we will finish page 158 and check it.  Following that we will take a test on this chapter.

Grade 5 is wrapping up the chapter on fractions.  We checked workbook pages 46 and 47 today.

G. Science: After lunch and recess we displayed our understanding of compounds, mixtures, and pH by filling out the test on this content.  Once the test was done, students were free to finish any homework they might have for any other class.

H. PE and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd:

Mrs. Kuhr once again monitored us as we played another rousing game of soccer. Finally, we joined Mrs. Hilker in the Atrium to participate in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Have a great night!

Mrs. Hammang



Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Room 103 had two special visitors today:The photographer from the yearbook company came today and took pictures of our class assembled in the rear literacy corner of the room.  We even had a chance to have a silly one taken.  Father Mark also came to the class. He told us at Mass that he had been challenged by a veterans group to do 22 pushups and make a video doing that in each classroom.  Needless to say, right after Mass he was in our classroom up to the challenge.  Go, Father Mark!

Here’s a summary of what else happened today in Room 103:

A.  Mass: Our day started, as always, with Mass.  Fourth and fifth graders did all of the readings, cantoring, gift bearing, and altar serving at the liturgy.  Great job, boys and girls.

B.Music: Mrs. Lowry helped us to learn a traditional Hebrew song and “Let There Be Peace on Earth” during today’s Music class.

C. Reading: Annie Oakley (otherwise known as Mrs. Hammang) talked to the class today about the fact that you can do whatever you make your mind up to, if you just keep trying. Dressed in period garb, she shared some details about her life and accomplishments.  She brought some props and even sang a song with us from the musical, Annie Get Your Gun. After that, Mrs. Hammang distributed an outline for the speech for students to see how to prepare for a speech.  Student one person shows begin next Wednesday.  Homework: Don’t forget shopping bag projects are due on Friday.  The requirements for the project can be found on this website.

D. Language Arts: We reviewed how to write direct and indirect quotations by checking a worksheet we completed in class yesterday.  Then, we looked over our biography stories and identified 5 quotes attributed to the person we read the biography about.  We will type up the quotes tomorrow and affix them to our paper bags.  Please note: if 5 quotes can’t be found in the book read, students may use the internet to locate quotes either by or about the person we read the biography about.

E. Spelling: Grade 4 played a game using word sort cards and our textbook page 109.  As Mrs. Hammang gave definitions, students found the word that matched the definition.  They then wrote the spelling word on the board and in their books. Grade 4 also completed workbook pages 110 and 111. Grade 5 students also completed textbook pages 109-111.  Homework for both Grade 4 and Grade 5 is to finish textook pp. 109-111.

F. Mathematics: The focus of math today for Grade 4 was to continue to sharpen skills of multiplying 3 digits.  We wrote problems on the chalkboard to check workbook page 50. Fifth graders worked with equivalent fractions, Greatest Common Factors, and Least Common Multiples. We completed page 46, the reverse side of the worksheet completed yesterday. Homework: If pages 46 and 47 were not finished in class, they need to be done for homework.

G. Science: Today was the last day to review for tomorrow’s science test on compounds, mixtures, acids, and bases. We finished our review worksheet orally. Homework: Study for tomorrow’s Science test.

H. Recess: This afternoon’s recess found most students playing ball.  A few walked around the gym instead.

I. Social Studies: During today’s Social Studies class fourth graders finished their open book quiz on the Northeast.  After that, they read pp. 98-101 to answer questions about the Pilgrims and their first settlements in North America. Meanwhile, Grade 5 students continued to read and answer questions related to native American groups in the Northeast.  They will become experts on their topic during this Friday’s class in which they will all have a chance to teach their peers about their topic.


That wraps up today’s news.  Have a great night!

Mrs. Hammang

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good afternoon, students and parents,

Catholic Schools Week is coming soon!  Stay tuned for further details.

What happened today in Room 103?

A. During our literary circle, we prayed our special intentions and then discussed what activities we would do today.

B. Reading: We watched 2 videos on how to give a good speech since we will be doing our One Person Shows on our biography topic next Wednesday and Thursday, February 1-2. We learned the following information from the videos:

  1. Start off with a good introduction by sharing a personal story, stating a surprising statements, or ask a provocative question.
  2. Select an angle or perspective to share the speech from.  For us, it will be from the point of view of the person that the biography was about.
  3. Know your audience.  Pick words and concepts that your audience will be familiar with.
  4. Think of questions your audience may be likely to want to know about your person.
  5. Know your topic by making sure you have thoroughly read the book and looked up online or in another resource any questions you might have.
  6. Use at least 1 prop or picture to accompany the speech.
  7. Talk slowly, loudly, and clearly to your audience so they can hear what you say.
  8. Keep eye contact.  Don’t just look at the floor or one or two people.

If students or parents would like to see the videos again, here are the URLs:

After watching the videos, we received a template to use to help us prepare our own speech.  This will be due next Monday, January 30. Tonight’s homework is to complete the biographical timeline for tomorrow.

B. Religion: We went over to Church and prepared for tomorrow’s liturgy, the Conversion of St. Paul.  We practiced all the readings and songs and talked about the significance of St Paul’s conversion to the early Christian community and to us.

C. Snack and Bathroom break was followed by Language Arts. We used a handout to help us learn how to correctly write quotations as well as how to change an indirect quotation to a direct quotation. Mrs. Hammang used an overhead projector and we used colored pencils to show the appropriate punctuation and capitalization changes.

D. Mathematics: Mathematics rounded out the morning.  Grade 5 worked on improper fractions and how to change them to a mixed number.  We completed pages 150-151 and then collected this work.  Then, we did worksheet #47 to reinforce what we had learned. Homework tonight for Grade 5 is to finish worksheet #47. Grade 4 continued to work on multiplication with 3 digit numbers.  First, the students completed problems 16-20 on textbook page 153. Then, they checked problems 1-20 on this page and collected this work.  Finally, they worked on worksheet #50. Homework tonight for Grade 4 is worksheet #50.

E. Science: We began Science by reviewing the first 14 definitions we wrote yesterday in our Interactive Notebooks as part of our review worksheet.  Then, we did the remaining definitions on the review sheet and the first 6 questions in the “Explain” section.  Tomorrow we will finish the remaining questions to prepare for our test on Thursday in Science. Homework tonight is to study for the science test on Thursday.

F. Physical Ed/Recess: Mrs. Kuhr helped us to learn how to play soccer correctly.  We played a lively and fun game of soccer in anticipation of our school playing the game as part of next week’s Catholic Schools Week activities. We were even able to have 20 extra minutes for soccer as we attached our recess period to the end of the PE class.

G. Social Studies: Our day ended with Social Studies.  Grade 4 finished the chapter review on page 96.  Then, we began an open book quiz on the Chapter.  The quiz paper was collected, but tomorrow we will finish the quiz. Grade 5 students will become experts in learning about native American groups.  Each student received a different topic and was responsible for reading in the text about that topic.  The topics were: natives of the Southwest, Eastern Woodlands, Plains, and the West.  Each student must write 15 sentences about his/her topic which should answer the following questions:

  1. What are the names of the different native groups that lived there?
  2. Where did the group live? Describe the environment.
  3. What kinds of jobs or occupations did they do?
  4. What did their clothing and homes look like?
  5. What kind of religion did they practice?
  6. What kinds of tools did they use?
  7. Were they warlike or mostly peaceful?
  8. What are 5 important vocabulary words in this section? Explain their meanings.

Tomorrow fifth graders will continue this assignment.

Don’t forget: page 108 in Spelling and corrections to the workbook are due tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Mrs. Hammang


Monday, January 23, 2017

Good afternoon, students and parents,

Today was another very busy day in Room 103.  Here’s what went on:

  1. After Mass we gathered together in our literacy center and prayed for our special intentions.
  2. Reading: In connection with our unit on Biography, we read a short biography about George Washington.  After having read it, we compiled a list of 9 dates of his life.  Next, we put the dates in chronological order and placed them on a timeline template that Mrs. Hammang distributed to the class.  We also brainstormed what kind of drawing or pictures we could make associated with the timeline. Following this, we each selected 1 of 2 templates for our own timeline on the person we read our biography on.  We also picked an 11X 17 piece of colored construction paper that we would attach our timeline to.  Homework is to finish the timeline for our biography by this Wednesday, January 25.
  3. Spelling: During Spelling today Grade 5 worked with Mrs. Hammang on learning how to spell words that were comparatives (ending in -er) or superlatives (ending in est). We cut out sort cards and then used them to complete a worksheet that we received. Our homework tonight in Spelling is to complete page 108 in our Spelling books as well as fix up any pages that were missing or incomplete as marked by Mrs. Hammang when she returned our Spelling books. Grade 4 also received word sort cards.  We cut them out and then were assigned to also complete page 108 of our workbook.  Homework tonight for Grade 4 is to finish page 108 and to fix up any pages in our Spelling books that were incomplete or missing when our books were returned to us last Friday.
  4. Mathematics: Grade 4 corrected problems on page 151 of our math book on multiplying with 2 digit numbers.  This assignment was then collected.  Next, we began work on page 153 which is multiplying with 3 digit numbers.  Mrs. Hammang did problems 1-5 with us.  Homework tonight for Grade 4 is to finish problems 6-15 on page 153. Grade 5 worked today on learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions.  We began by defining these terms. Then, we used our textbook page 148-149 to help us apply what these terms mean. We used a number line to help us see mixed numbers.  We also rounded mixed numbers to their closest whole number.  Grade 5 has no math homework tonight.
  5. Lunch and Recess came next.  It was really nice to go outside after many days inside due to cold weather and rain.
  6. Science: Mrs. Hammang returned our interactive notebooks to us today. Most of our quarter grades for assignments are found here. She first walked us through all of the items that should be in our notebooks.  Some of us are missing handouts or notes that belong in our notebooks.  We have until Thursday to submit any of this work to improve our grade. Next, we received a review sheet for our next test on compounds and mixtures which is this Thursday, January 26.  We discussed the answers to the first 13 questions on the review sheet.  We will continue work on this tomorrow.
  7. We enjoyed Library and Recess immediately following.
  8. Social Studies: Grade 4 checked a worksheet we did last Friday on the resources of the Northeast.  This was collected. We then worked together on the Chapter Review of our textbook on page 96. We did all of the Reviewing Vocabulary Work and did questions 1-4 of the Reviewing Facts section of the page.  Tomorrow we will do an open book quiz on this chapter, pages 84-95.Grade 5 focused on the native American of North America.  We independently read textbook page 95-99 and completed a worksheet associated with those pages. Tonight’s homework for Grade 5 is to complete the worksheet distributed in class.

That’s all for today – have a good night!

Mrs. Hammang

Today is Thursday, January 19, 2017

Here’s the latest news from Room 103:

A. Language Arts: After Mass we assembled in our literacy circle as shared our special intentions.  Next, we discussed the directions for today’s Language Arts class.  Seven students went to the back of the room to type up their final drafts of the essay entitled, “Why St. Mary School Is Special.” Some of the children need to finish final typing tomorrow. Tomorrow the students that did not use the computer today will type up their drafts.

B. Reading: Students not working on the computer worked on their reading work including:

  1. Reading their biography book up to page 100.
  2. Completing 5 more vocabulary index cards based on their biography book.  Tonight’s homework is to finish these cards.
  3. Working on the Critic’s Choice worksheet given out in the Biography packet if the biography book is read.

C. We enjoyed our snack and bathroom break.  We also changed into our PE clothes at this time.

D. We went to PE class early today since Mrs. Kuhr had an afternoon obligation.

E. Social Studies: After changing back into our regular school uniforms, fifth graders went to the library to complete the Reading battery of the NWEA standardized test.  Meanwhile, Grade 4 students returned to the classroom and worked on Social Studies.  We used textbook pp. 90-91 to help us learn about the change of seasons. During class we discussed how many scientists think the moon came about as well as a common theory about how some of the larger dinosaurs died out.  Our homework tonight is to finish worksheet #24 on the change of seasons.

F. Mathematics: Grade 4 students checked problems on double digit multiplication on page 149. Grade 5 did not have math today due to standardized testing.  Class ended with a fun way to learn the table of 3.  The table of 3 can be learned by watching a fun video on YouTube which is a cover of Uptown Funk . Here is the address:

G. Science: Today we finished our unit on compounds and mixtures.  After talking about solutions and alloys, we did a practice quiz to review everything we have learned in this unit.  Most of us did very well on the practice quiz.  One of our fifth graders even scored 100%, thus earning a Pass for the actual test next week.  After that, everyone enjoyed a piece of candy from Mrs. Hammang’s bag.  Next up, recess.

H. For 20 minutes we had recess. Some threw the football around while others played basketball.

I. REading/Social Studies/Language Arts: We had a chance for free choice work.  Fifth graders worked on their Social Studies worksheets; fourth graders read their biographies, worked on index cards of vocabulary, or typed more of their essay on St. Mary.

J. Religion: Our day ended with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd class with Mrs. Hilker.

That’s all for today.  Have a great evening!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Welcome back to school after a welcome but longer than anticipated holiday thanks to the ice in our area! Here’s what’s happening in Room 103:

A. Fourth and fifth graders proved their flexibility today as they assumed leadership for the school Mass without having had any practice.  The children performed their assigned tasks seamlessly.  Father Mark even commented after Mass about what a great job they had done.  Go, boys and girls!

B. Following Mass and morning prayer students went to music with Mrs. Lowry.

C. Snack and bathroom time followed this.

D. Language Arts was next on the agenda.  In preparation for Catholic Schools Week the children brainstormed a number of ways in which St. Mary School is special.  The reason included:

  1. Great teachers
  2. Intensive opportunities to learn about our faith
  3. Flexible principal that lets us have plays, play on snow mounds, eat with our friends, etc.
  4. a family atmosphere where we get to know everyone
  5. a great gym with chances to enjoy the equipment
  6. opportunities for leadership like reading at Mass, altar serving, car safety, board washing, etc.
  7. fun specials
  8. excellent support from parents
  9. strong academic programs
  10. uniforms that allow for flexibility
  11. hot lunches
  12. located near a river and next to McCormick Park

Homework tonight is for students to write a rough draft of a paragraph on “Why St. Mary School is special!” They may used the brainstormed ideas listed above or their own.  The requirements for the paragraph are:

  1. Write the title of the paragraph
  2. Write a sentence or two of introduction eg. St. Mary School in Williamston is a very special learning environment.  There are several reasons why families choose to send their children to the school. 
  3. Write 4 or more sentences explaining 4 reasons why the school is special.
  4. Write a concluding sentence.

Tomorrow students will produce a final draft by typing their rough drafts and drawing a picture to accompany it. The final assignment will be due on Friday.

E. Spelling followed Language Arts. Fourth graders received their corrected spelling books back to fix and resubmit if work was incomplete.  Tonight’s homework is to fix corrected Spelling pages up to page 106.

F. Fifth graders honed their understanding of equivalent fractions today by working on page 145 of the text.  The work was done as a group.  Meanwhile, Grade 4 worked on multiplication with a double digit number.  Neither group has homework tonight in math.

G. After lunch and recess, fourth and fifth graders went to Grade 1.  We buddied up with first graders to help them write sentences like the ones we worked on this morning on “Why St. Mary School is Special.” The first graders wrote the work, but we helped them phrase ideas and assisted with Spelling words.

H. Our recess time came after this with lots of basketball and other ball-handling games.

I. Once back in our room, Science became the focus.  Today’s topic was “Mixtures.”  We used a graphic organizer to define “mixtures,” list their 3 common properties, distinguish between heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures, and learn  about their special types like: suspensions and colloids.

J. We wrapped up our day by doing reading activities.  Some of us worked on our next 5 vocabulary cards from our biographies, while others continued to read our books.  We also reviewed the requirements for our Biography Project and Family Interview.  Our next due date is this Friday, January 20, when our second set of vocabulary words are due on our biography.

Have a warm and beautiful night!




Thursday, January 12, 2017

Another snowy wintry day, but Room 103 was on fire with good work.  Here’s what we did :

A. After Mass we gathered for special intentions in our literacy center.  Then, Mrs. Hammang read us the first part of the story of Benjamin Franklin in connection with our biography unit.  While reading the story we talked about what Franklin learned from his experiments, namely, what helped “the force” move through tubes and what materials helped stop “the force” from moving.  We introduced the word “resistance” and talked about static electricity too.  Tomorrow we will continue the story.

B. During Language Arts we watched a short movie on the importance of preserving our family history and how to do it.  The link for this movie follows: After watching the movie, we brainstormed some new questions to add to our list about how to interview a family member.

C. We read for over 20 minutes in our biography book.  Homework: The first 50 pages of our book should be read by tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will turn in 5 index cards with vocabulary words we have learned from the first 50 pages.  Each card should have the word, its phonetic spelling, its definition, and a sentence using the word.  For extra credit, an illustration can also be on the card.

D. Following snack, we enjoyed recess.  Most of us used the various balls to shoot baskets or play a modified form of soccer.

E. Returning to our room we studied science by reviewing what we had learned about compounds.  We reviewed 6 common signs that show that a compound has been formed:

  1. production of a solid
  2. production of heat
  3. production of light
  4. production of sound
  5. color change
  6. production of a gas

We then discussed pH and the pH scale.  Finally, we defined the word “mixture” and distinguished it from a compound by stating that the elements that make it up can be retrieved.  Some of the ways this happens are:

  1. By using a filter or strainer
  2. By picking the items out
  3. By using a magnet like for items made of metals

F. Math time today for Grade 4 meant working on multiplication with 4 digits.  Students worked on pages 142-143 and did problems 1-26. This is tonight’s homework if not done. Grade 4 students also checked and turned in worksheet #44 multiplication with money. Grade 5 pupils are learning about putting fractions in lowest terms. Their homework tonight is to finish page 143 (40-63).

G. Following lunch and recess students made Social Studies the focus.  Grade 5 compiled a list of 5 facts for each of the following topics: Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas using their textbook pages 76-81.  Then they started to work on worksheets #23-Time Line of Early Americans, and #24 – Using New Words.  This is tonight’s homework for Grade 5. Simultaneously, fourth graders were refining their understanding of the New England and Middle Atlantic States.  We used flashcards to help us identify the shapes of these states and also practiced the names of the respective capitals for the states.  We also checked the worksheet from Monday on the geography of the Northeast using textbook pages 85-89. This class ended as we were reading aloud on page 90 about the change of seasons.  Father Mark came to visit us and asked us to make Get Well cards for Bishop Boyea who had back surgery yesterday.

H. Our day ended with Physical Education and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Have a cozy warm evening!

Mrs. Hammang


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Welcome back to school after an unexpected holiday due to the weather.

Here’s what happened today in Room 103:

A. After Mass we shared our special intentions and then saw 2 short films in which people were interviewed.  In the first, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was interviewed regarding her work.  In the second, the biographer of the life of St. Teresa, was interviewed about her and how he did his work.

B. We enjoyed music class with Mrs. Lowry.

C. After snack and bathroom break, we talked in greater detail about interviewing. We also read a section on how to interview from the fifth grade Language Arts text.  Then, we brainstormed questions we could ask family members to help us better understand our family history. Each one of us will be responsible for interviewing a person to help us better understand our family history.

D. For Reading we had 20 minutes of silent reading so that we could get into the meat of our biography books.  Reminder: on Friday the first 5 definition index cards are due.  Please see the notes handed out on Monday as to how this assignment must be done.

E. For Spelling, we collected the assignment from Monday in which we wrote our Spelling words from Unit 16 three times.  There will be no Spelling test this week due to the snow day yesterday.

F. Rounding out the morning, we worked on our math. Grade 4 students corrected errors made on Monday’s multiplication work on multiplying money from page 140.  Then, the students completed workbook page 44.  This is tonight’s homework. Grade 5 learned how to write equivalent fractions.  Their homework tonight is to complete workbook page 43.

G. After lunch, it was time for Science.  We had a grand time doing a chemistry lesson on acids, bases, and neutral substances.  We placed unknown chemicals in test tubes and then tested them with pH strips.  We also combined all the chemicals at the end of the lesson and observed the results.  Cool!

H. With all the fun in science, it was time for recess, so we played in the gym for 20 minutes.

I. During Religion class, Grade 5 students completed an open book quiz on the Trinity, while Grade 4 students checked worked from a worksheet on Noah and the flood.  This was then collected.  Homework for Grade 4 tonight is to finish Activity book pages 7-11.  These will be due on Friday.

J. Our day ended with Handwriting.  Grade 4 worked on page 30, while Grade 5 worked on page 37.

Have a good night!  Stay dry!



Monday, January 9, 2017

Today is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

What happened today in Room 103?

  1. We began today by getting into our literacy center. We shared our special intentions and listened to the story of Esther from Tommy DiPaolo’s Bible Story Book.  Following that, we watched 2 short films on the topic of “biography” which we took a few notes from. Then, Mrs. Hammang went over the requirements for our next reading assignment, the Biography.  Each student in the class selected a book from the class library which he/she will use to complete the biography book assignments. Our homework tonight is to read the first five pages of our biography book.
  2. Here are the requirements for the Biography Project:
    • Your next reading assignment is an independent study. You will read a biography of 100 or more pages on a famous person. Our classroom library has many to choose from, so pick one carefully and complete the following assignments:
    • Complete Critic’s Choice worksheets (3 pages)
    • Create a Shopping Spree paper bag
      1. Get a large paper bag or plain shopping bag from a local grocery store or from home. It is best if it has handles.
      2. Write the name on the front of the bag of the person that you are reading about.
      3. Collect 5 or more objects or pictures of objects that have meaning in the story. Mount each picture on poster board or card stock like an index card. For example, if you read a book about Benjamin Franklin you might include a picture of a kite. On the back you would write something about how he experimented with a kite and in so doing learned about electricity.
      4. On the back of each picture write a sentence or two explaining why the object has significance in the story. If you have a real object, make a small tag for this purpose.
      5. Place all pictures and/or objects in the shopping bag.
      6. Decorate the outside of the bag with a collage of pictures of the important people and events from the story.
    • Make an illustrated historical timeline of the events of the story using 11X17 inch paper. Include at least 8 events and their dates on the timeline.
    • Submit 20 index cards with important vocabulary words from the story. Give the word, its definition, and its use in a sentence. Extra credit will be given if the words are illustrated too. Collect these words every day that you read, then this task will be manageable.
    • Give a One-Person Show in which you dress up as your character and give a 1 to 3 minute talk as the person you researched. Use the One-Person Show worksheet to help you prepare for this presentation.
    • Time Line of Requirements:
      1. First set of 5 vocabulary cards           Friday, January 13
      2. Second set of 5 vocabulary cards       Wednesday, January 1
      3. Third set of 5 vocabulary words        Tuesday, January 24
      4. Historical timeline                              Wednesday, January 25
      5. Shopping Spree Paper Bag                  Friday, January 27
      6. Fourth set of 5 vocabulary words       Tuesday, January 31
      7. One Person Show                                  Wed. Feb 1-Thurs., Feb 2
      8. Critic’s Choice Worksheets                   Friday, February
    • Spelling Homework today is: write new spelling words on page 108 three times apiece on looseleaf.
    • During math: Grade 4 worked on and checked problems with multiplication with money on pp. 140-141. Several students turned this in, but a few need to finish these problems. Grade 5 checked and collected the work on Greatest Common Factor problems 1-28 on pp. 138-139.  Then, they did problems 1-18 on fraction sense on page 18. This is tonight’s homework.
    • In Social Studies class Grade 4 finished mapwork on the Northeast states.  They also began a fill in the blanks assignment on text pp. 85-89. Tonight’s homework for Grade 4 is to do any of this work not finished in class. Grade 5 discussed, checked, and collected  the worksheet on the First Americans from their textbook pp. 71-75.
    • Students participated in Library class today with Mrs. Palazzolo.
    • Recess followed library.
    • Students worked on any homework they might have for the last 15 minutes of class.
  3. Have a great night!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Big Announcement!

Today at Mass Father Mark announced that beginning next week Grade 4 and Grade 5 boys will participate in Physical Education class with Father Mark.  Mrs. Kuhr will continue to teach the girls.  Father said the children need to help him to stop being Flabby Father Mark and become Six-Pack Father Mark.  A super big pizza party is a reward if Father Mark achieves that goal.

Here’s what else happened today in Room 103:

  1. During Reading today Grade 4 and Grade 5 reviewed the requirements for the Compare and Contrast Essay on Scrooge and his nephew, Fred, which is due tomorrow.  Please see Tuesday’s post for details on this assignment.
  2. Students discussed and created a graphic organizer on the setting and tone found in the play, The Christmas Carol. This involved the various time and place aspects of the story as well as Dickens’ message that he wanted to share with his audience, the people of Victorian London, England. Homework tonight is to draw a picture of one of the settings we discussed in class.
  3. During morning recess we used the various balls and worked on our basketball shooting skills as well as our catching skills.
  4. Math class meant time for Grade 4 to sharpen their multiplication skills with regrouping.  We checked workbook page 42 and then collected it. After that we took a short ungraded quiz on the times tables of 2 and 3. Finally, they practiced working on multiplication problems with 3 digit numbers.  Tonight’s homework is to do page 139 problems 1-24 and study the  multiplication tables of 2 and 3.  There will be a written quiz tomorrow on the tables of 2 and 3.
  5. Grade 5 math students first checked the factor tree problems on text page 137. Then, they checked the first 5 problems on worksheet #41 on the same topic. Finally they did a couple of examples of how to find the GCF, the Greatest Common Factor. Tonight’s homework is to finish problems 6-21 on worksheet #41.
  6. Today’s Spelling period required Grade 4 to proofread a series of misspelled words and find word patterns.  This involved finishing workbook pages 105 and 106. While this should have been finished in class, if it is not done, tonight’s homework is to finish it at home. Grade 5 had a similar assignment. Students proofread a paragraph of complaint and found word patterns on text pp. 105 and 106.
  7. After lunch both grades finished a lesson in science on acids and bases.  They watched a short film and took notes in their interactive notebooks from slides on acids and bases.  When Mrs. Penn came in the room to tell students about a contest for the school’s yearbook cover, the boys and girls excitedly told her what they had learned about the chemical formula and scientific name for water. They also noted examples of acids and bases by using a color copy of the pH scale.
  8. During Physical Education the children used balloons to help them learn the proper serve technique for a tennis racket.
  9. Today ended with the children attending Religion in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd room.

All in all, a very busy and productive day.  Have a great night!