Thursday, December 15, 2016

It was lots more play practice today.  Only Friday and Monday before the performance!  Wait until you see the sets designed and supervised by Mrs. E.  They are magnificent!

Today in Room 103:

  1. Grade 5 students took a math test while Grade 4 students worked on a worksheet on multiplication covering single digit multiplication and front end estimation.  Homework for Grade 4 is to finish worksheet #40-41.
  2. Grade 5 students completed a Social Studies test while Grade 4 students completed a worksheet on the Great Flood.  Grade 4 students need to finish the worksheet if not done in class.
  3. Both Grade 4 and Grade 5 students worked on page 100 of the Spelling book.  Homework tonight is to finish the page.  Don’t forget tomorrow is our Unit 14 test.
  4. We had PE and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd today to wrap up the day.

Don’t forget costumes must be brought in on Monday for our dress rehearsal!

Have a great night!

Mrs. Hammang

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In Room 103 the excitement in the air is palpable, costumes are starting to come in, the Kindergarten and first grade practiced songs with us today, and the dancers are getting their steps down now.  Scrooge is coming next Tuesday.

What else happened in Room 103 today?

  1. Grades 4 and 5 did a superb job of assisting Father Mark at Mass.  Special thanks goes to M. D. and G. P who stepped in at the last minute and did the readings at Mass.
  2. After Mass we loved singing Christmas carols with Mrs. Lowry.
  3. After snack and bathroom time, we worked on our Spelling.  Grade 5 worked independently on completing page 96 and figuring out the spelling patterns using our word sort materials.  Homework tonight is to finish the word sort in the notebook and do page 96.  Grade 4 students went to the chart paper and grouped spelling words by their short vowel sounds.  Everybody had a chance to go up 3 times. While doing this fourth graders also completed page 96 of our Spelling book. Homework tonight is to finish this page if not done in class.
  4. Math class was next on the agenda.  Fifth graders completed the Check Your Progress Page on 128.  Then, they worked on page 130. Homework is to do problems 1-12 on page 130.  We will check this work tomorrow before taking our math test. Grade 4 started class by checking the work on special factors on page 131.  Following this they orally did the work on text pp. 132-133 on simple multiplication.  Finally, they did front end estimation on text pp. 134-135. Tonight’s homework is to do problems 1-30 on pp. 134-135.
  5. Due to the weather recess was indoors today.
  6. After lunch it was time for play practice.
  7. We ended the day with Science, Religion, and Social Studies.  First, we reviewed the answers to the Science Test taken last Friday.  After that, the papers were recollected and will be placed in this Friday’s take home folders.  Then, Grade 4 answered questions on the Great Flood in the Bible and Grade 5 did an oral review for a test in Social Studies tomorrow. Homework tonight for Grade 5 is to study for tomorrow’s test in Social Studies.

Have a splendid evening!  Stay warm!

Mrs. Hammang

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Welcome back to school after our snow day!

Here’s what happened in Room 103 today:

  • Religion today started with Mass.  Today was the Feast of St. Lucy. After Mass we returned to our room and talked about how St. Lucy’s feast day marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Sweden.  We mentioned that the story of this early martyr of the Church spread into Sweden in the 1600’s although the saint never lived there.  We also talked about yesterday’s feast, Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is the patron of Mexico and some other Spanish speaking countries. The name is actually the result of a mistake.  The clerk recording the story of St. Juan Diego misunderstood what Juan Diego said about Mary and used the name “Guadalupe” which is a city in Spain, instead of the native American word which stood for a person standing on a serpent which was an Aztec god.  After sharing our special intentions, we practiced for tomorrow’s Mass which will be led by 4th and 5th graders.
  • We worked on our Spelling book. Tonight’s homework is to finish textbook pp. 97 and 98.
  • We next practiced our play.  Rehearsals are going well, but much still needs to be done. A special thank you to all students and parents who came on Saturday to work on the sets.
  • After lunch we worked on Math.  Grade 5 is reviewing for their test on Thursday. Their homework tonight is to finish page 128. Grade 4 is practicing their basic time tables. Today we worked on special factors.  Homework tonight for Grade 4 is page 131.
  • Mrs. Kuhr led us on a lively class using the hula hoop rings. We ran through them, hopped through them, and skipped through them.
  • Perhaps the highlight of our day today, though, was playing out at recess on the snow mounds.  We had an awesome time building snow forts, playing King of the Hill, and sliding.
  • We ended our day today with learning about chemical compounds.  We learned that:
    • 1. When elements combine, it is the electrons that get involved.
    • Compounds lose their original element properties and get new ones.
    • There are specific signs that tell us that a compound is being formed like production of heat, light, a solid a new permanent color, and electricity.

Please don’t forget to return the field trip permission slips and bring a gift tomorrow for your Secret Santa. Until then, have a great evening!

Mrs. Hammang

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blessed Mother, patron of the United States, we turn to you, please bless our country and all of us!

Today in Room 103:

  1. We attended Mass and several members of our class including Mrs. Hammang played an active role in it. Father talked about the challenging time Mary must have time in becoming the mother of the Savior. Back in the class during reflection time, we talked about Pope Pius IX’s challenging time during the unification of Italy.  Despite the breakup of papal lands and power, he kept a strong faith and trust in the Blessed Mother and in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  2. During Spelling both Grade 4 and Grade 5 worked on page 94 of our text. Homework is to finish this for homework if not done in class.
  3. During Social Studies Grade 4 took their test on the American people.  Grade 5 completed the Chapter Review on pp. 63-65.  The test for Social Studies for Grade 5 will be next Tuesday, December 13.
  4. Math class found Grade 4 reviewing basic multiplication facts and interpreting pictures showing groups of items to determine a product. Grade 5 continued to work on worksheet #38 on order of operations.
  5. We ended our morning with recess and practice for our play.
  6. Right after lunch students completed the review in science on matter and the periodic table. Homework is to study for the test tomorrow. Below are the review vocabulary words and concepts for the test.

Directions: We have learned many terms during our unit on matter. Define each of the following and know them for the test.

  1. Matter
  2. Mass
  3. Volume
  4. Triple beam balance
  5. Graduated cylinder
  6. Graduated beaker
  7. Archimedes principle
  8. Water displacement method
  9. Solid
  10. Liquid
  11. Gas
  12. Proton
  13. Neutron
  14. Electron
  15. Atomic number
  16. Atomic mass
  17. Symbol
  18. Energy levels
  19. Riders
  20. Periodic table
  21. Nucleus
  22. Element
  23. Atom
  24. John Dalton
  25. Dmitri Mendeleev
  26. Melting
  27. Freezing
  28. Democritus
  29. Glenn T. Seaborg
  30. Groups
  31. Periods
  32. Metal
  33. Nonmetal
  34. Transition
  35. States of matter
  36. Physical properties

Make sure you can explain each of the following:

  1. What are the parts of the atom?
  2. How is the periodic table arranged?
  3. What 2 things must be present for something to be matter?
  4. What kind of information is found in each box of the periodic table?
  5. How did Archimedes figure out how to measure the volume of an object?
  6. How do you figure out how many neutrons are in an average atom of any element?
  7. How do you use a triple beam balance? What is it used for?
  8. How do you use a graduated cylinder? What is it used for?
  9. What are the traits of solids, liquids, and gases?
  10. How does temperature affect a gas?
  11. What are the characteristics of metals?
  12. What are the characteristics of nonmetals?
  13. Who are some scientists that helped us learn about matter?
  14. What happens to the properties of elements as you move from left to right across the periodic table?
  15. Where are electrons found?
  16. Why is electricity called that name?
  17. Where does the periodic table get its name from?
  18. What is the formula to determine the volume of a regularly shaped solid?
  19. How can you figure out the volume of liquid or a solid that is not regularly shaped?
  20. What is better to measure volume with a graduated beaker or a graduated cylinder?
  21. What units of measurement are used for solids and liquids?
  22. What do elements usually do if they have do not have 8 electrons in their outer energy levels?

Have a safe night!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What happened in Room 103 today?

  • In the Gospel today Jesus speaks of how when we turn to him our burdens will be lighter.  At Mass Father talked about how if this doesn’t seem to happen perhaps the problem is us, not God. He went on to add that God must be upset with how people talk to Him when they pray, coming from a position of demanding what they want in a certain time frame instead of adjusting their own behavior. Father concluded with keep on asking for your prayers to be granted, but know in what position you are coming from when you ask.
  • Returning to our room we talked about the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  We also talked about how a young chaplain had let other sailors off the U. S. S. Oklahoma during the bombing, thus making it impossible for him to survive.  Then, we mentioned that we never know in advance how God will work through us.
  • We sang Christmas songs with Mrs. Lowry.
  • During Spelling today both groups worked on an editing assignment.  Grade 4 corrected a thank you note, while Grade 5 did a fairy tale proofreading assignment.  Homework tonight is to finish page 93 including correctly writing a paragraph on looseleaf.
  • At Math time Grade 5 continued to work on page 123 doing problems with order of operations.  Tonight’s homework is to complete problems 41-46.
  • Grade 4 first corrected the Test Preparation assignment on page 123-4.  Then, they checked the word problems on worksheet #35.  Both of these assignments were collected. Class ended with students taking the chapter test.
  • We ended the morning with recess in the gym.
  • Right after lunch, some members of our class learned the Virginia Reel as part of our play, while others worked on their homework.
  • Then, it was time for Science.  Students received a sheet with 36 vocabulary words on it related to our unit on matter and the periodic table.  We reviewed the definitions of 25 of the terms.  We will finish the rest tomorrow.  Our Science Test is on Friday.
  • During Social Studies Grade 4 finished the Chapter Review on page 75 and Reviewing Vocabulary on page 76. Students worked with partners to study for tomorrow’s test on Chapter 3. In the meantime, Grade 5 checked the Reviewing Vocabulary Questions on page 62 and the first 4 questions in Reviewing Facts on page 63. Tonight’s homework is to finish questions 5-10 of Reviewing Facts on page 63.Please note: the Social Studies test for Grade 5 is on Friday, December 9.

Have a blessed night!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What’s happening in Room 103?

  • At Mass today Father Mark shared the beautiful story of St. Nicholas and how the generous bishop helped out a poor family by providing their daughters with a dowry (according to father the stuff a girl needs to get married) by throwing money through the window of the house. One night after a father heard a rumor that it was St. Nicholas that was doing this, the father came up with a plan to discover if the rumor was true by staying up all night.  The clever St. Nicholas foiled the plot by climbing up on the chimney and throwing money through the fireplace.  Some of the money got caught in a sock drying by the fire.  Hence, the custom began of leaving stockings by the fireplace during the Christmas season.
  • After Mass we placed our shoes out on the table in the hall.  We were delighted when later in the day we found candy canes and gold foil covered chocolates in our shoes.
  • During Spelling today we completed pages 91 and 92 in our workbook.  Homework tonight is to finish this work if not done in class.
  • Math time for Grade 5 entailed checking our work on long division from text pages 119-120, problems 1-15.  Then, fifth graders learned about the Order of Operations.  To help us remember this concept we learned the following sentence: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally for which P is for Parentheses, E is for Exponents (numbers which are raised and to the right of a number and tell me how many times a number should be multiplied by itself), M is for Multiplication, D is for Division, A is for Addition, and S is for Subtraction. We also learned that operations are done from left to right.  Wrapping up Grade 5 math, we did 18 problems together that are found on text page 122-123. Homework tonight is to finish problems 19-30 on page 123.
  • For Grade 4 math meant time for checking of Check Your Progress on page 120 and Worksheet #34.  Then, students worked on the multiple choice assignment Test Preparation on text pp. 123-124 and story problems on workbook page #35. If not done in class, these assignments are tonight’s math homework.
  • The morning continued with outside recess during which the children split into 2 groups: one group played “Monkey in the Middle,” while the other group played basketball.  Great teamwork, boys and girls.
  • The morning ended with Play Practice.
  • After lunch, recess, and a birthday treat from one of our fifth graders, students worked on Science.  We learned what neutrons are, where they are found, and how to determine the number of neutrons in an average atom of a certain element. We also wrote a summary of what we have covered related to the periodic table.
  • Mrs. Kuhr played a running game with us during Physical Education.
  • Our day ended with Social Studies. Grade 4 worked together with Mrs. Hammang to complete the Chapter Review on pp. 74-75. Students then continued to work on page 75 doing the Reviewing Facts assignment.  We will complete this work tomorrow.  We will have a Social Studies test this Friday, December 9.  
  • Grade 5 checked their work, Cornell notes, on the West, text pp. 56-61. Finally, they started the Chapter Review on text pp. 62-63. We will finish this work tomorrow. There will be a test on Friday.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Welcome to a new week!

Thanks, everyone, for coming to school yesterday for the choral concert.  You did a superb job!

Here’s what’s happening in Room 103:

  1. We were excited to learn that the celebrant of today’s Mass was the uncle of one of our classmates who is visiting from Gaylord, MI.  Father talked about Advent and the Advent wreath.  Our class did a wonderful job in answering questions related to Advent.
  2. During Spelling both Grade 4 and Grade 5 did word sorts in our notebooks.  We also completed page 90 in our books.  Homework tonight is to finish both of these if not done in class.  
  3. Our special today was Spanish.
  4. In math Grade 5 is continuing to work on long division.  Tonight’s homework is to complete page 119 problems 1-15.
  5. Grade 4 has now completed the chapter.  Today we finished working on Check Your Progress on page 120 and did worksheet #34. Tonight’s homework is to finish page 120 and worksheet #34 if not done in class.
  6. We wrapped up our morning with a recess break and participating in the Advent ceremony.  Fourth and fifth graders led the ceremony today.
  7. After lunch we learned about the periodic table in science and how it is set up.  We also spent time learning what metals and nonmetals are and where they are on the periodic table.
  8. We took another 10 minute period for recess in the gym after which we went to library.
  9. Our day ended with practicing our play.

Don’t forget fourth graders will have a math test on Wednesday, December 7.  On Thursday, December 8, all fourth and fifth graders will have a Science test.

Have a good night!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Here’s a wrapup of today’s events:

  1. We attended Mass and Father talked with students about how if a person plays a game of Mindcraft, to defend a place you need to have certain things.  The children came up with a lava moat and a castle of obsidian to prevent the “creepers” from destroying the castle.  Father then compared the game to being a Catholic.  When we stay close to Jesus we build our castle of obsidian and build the lava moat around us to prevent the devil from attacking.  Isn’t that a cool way to think about our faith.
  2. In Spelling we shared the stories we had written about our favorite art and what we think our national symbol should include.  Edgar Degas’ painting of Blue Ballerinas, a picture of Christ from the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in D. C. , a family painting, a finger-painted dog and a drawing of a tree, both done in impressionist style ranked high among fifth graders. Fourth graders ranged from keeping the eagle as the national symbol to using a buffalo, a German Shepherd, or a grizzly bear.
  3. During math Grade 5 continues to work on long division.  Tonight’s homework is on page 117 problems 4-15. Grade 4 did a mixed review of addition and subtraction.  Tonight’s homework is page 114-115 problems 1-20.
  4. You won’t want to miss Sunday’s music concert.  The children practiced for it today and they sounded terrific.
  5. Wrapping up the morning, we practiced capital S today and the words Sabbath and  Sunday.
  6. After lunch and recess it was time for play practice.  The scenes are really beginning to show improvement. We also started to integrate the music into the play.
  7. Immediately after play practice, the children went to physical education.
  8. The day ended with the children attending Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Have a beautiful night!