Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Greetings from Room 103!

We had a very exciting day today.

  1. We started our day with Mass as we led the school community in celebrating the feast of St. Andrew. From the altar servers to the canters, to the readers, to the gift bearers and ushers the students did an excellent job.  Kudos to you, boys and girls!
  2. Right after Mass we traveled to music class where Mrs. Lowry helped us to perfect our songs for this Sunday’s concert.
  3. Snack and our bathroom break came next with a chance to run several laps around the gym before returning to class.
  4. In Spelling class we completed page 81 in both the Grade 4 and Grade 5 workbooks. Then, Grade 5 talked about our favorite piece of art.  We even went online to look at some famous pieces.  Our homework tonight is to write a paragraph in which we:
    1. Name our favorite work of art
    2. Describe it in detail (3-4 sentences)
    3. Tell if we know who created it
    4. State where we first saw the artwork
    5. Tell why we like it
  5. Fourth Grade homework in spelling is to write a paragraph in which we state what we think our national symbol should be
    1. State whether the eagle is an appropriate symbol
    2. Comment on whether we agree with Benjamin Franklin that the turkey should be the national symbol
    3. State whether the bison should replace or be added to the national symbol along with the eagle
    4. State whether another animal should be the national symbol instead and tell why
  6. In math class Grade 5 started working on division problems with double divisors. Homework tonight is to do problems 1-15 on pages 114-115. Grade 4 focused on subtraction problems with zeros in the subtrahend. Homework tonight is to do problems 1-16 on page 115.
  7. After lunch room 103 students worked with second and third graders to finish the run through of our play with actions.  Practice is coming well, although somewhat slowly.
  8. Although the wind was rather cool, we enjoyed recess outside.
  9. During religion fifth graders independently worked on questions related to the Trinity.  Homework tonight is to finish the questions on the worksheet.
  10. Grade 4 students read and discussed the first murder recorded in the Bible, the death of Abel by Cain.  We especially noted that although God punished Cain for his actions, he still loved him and protected him by putting a mark on him so that others would not try to kill him.
  11. Today’s work wrapped up with students perfecting their writing of capital B. We wrote the letter individually as well as practice writing the words Bethlehem and Ben.

Congratulations to fifth grader, Miriam, who took second place in the Grade 5 Woodsy Owl contest, and to Anthony E who took second place in the Grade 4 contest.

Have a blessed night!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Here’s what’s happening in Room 103:

  1. This morning at Mass Father Mark asked the congregation what Advent means. He went on to say it was a coming, but did they know the different kinds.  Everybody knows about the birthday of Jesus on Christmas, he said, but did they know the other comings.  A member of our class responded with the word “Parousia” which refers to the second coming of Christ.  Father was clearly impressed with this answer. Good going, boys and girls.
  2. After Mass we talked about how God works through our lives.  Mrs. Hammang read us a short biography of C. S. Lewis and how he fought being a Catholic for a long time, but his relationship with J. R. R. Tolkien helped him turn his life to God as a Catholic. We then prayed that God will show us what he wants us to do so that we can do His work.
  3. In Spelling we worked on page 80 of our Spelling book. Homework tonight is to finish this page.  
  4. Next, we worked on math.  Grade 5 has been working on divisibility rules and today they did mental math working on page 111 (1-50).  This is homework if not done in class. Grade 4 is working on subtracting with larger numbers on page 111. Homework is to do page 111 (1-19.)
  5. Mrs. Bauer practiced the songs and responses for Mass with us this morning.  In the afternoon we went over to Church and practiced reading all of the student parts.
  6. We also had morning recess today.
  7. The last event of the morning was practicing our play.  We did the blocking for Scene 3.  This included having students volunteer to do the Virginia Reel as part of the scene.  Next week, students will learn the steps of this dance.
  8. This afternoon we learned about atomic structure.  We talked about the parts of the atom and their charges.  We drew a picture of the Bohr model of the atom. We also looked at the periodic table and talked about what all of the items are in a single box of the table.
  9. We had fun playing in Physical Education.
  10. In Social Studies Grade 5 worked on Cornell notes on the American West.  Homework tonight is to finish to the bottom of the third page of the graphic organizer. While this was happening, fourth graders learned about how government works. We checked a graphic organizer previously completed which outlined the parts of U. S. government and the jobs of each branch of the government. We wrapped up today’s work by reading an article and interpreting a map related to the electoral college. We discussed the role the electoral college plays in electing the president.

Have a great night!  Don’t forget tomorrow Grades 4 and 5 lead St. Mary’s School at Mass in celebrating the Feast of St. Andrew.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy first week of Advent – Christmas is coming!  Today in Room 103:

  1. We attended Mass and Father Mark told us that the late Pope John Paul II said that every time we receive communion we light a fire in our hearts for Jesus.  We reminded ourselves to receive Our Lord with great reverence to show that fire inside us. During this Advent season let us also do many small acts of sacrifice and pray as we await the coming of Christmas.
  2. Back in our room, during Religion, we talked about the meaning of Advent and spoke about the manger at the back of our room. We discussed the meaning of “advent” to come and mentioned that while we wait for the birthday of Jesus on December 25, we also await the second coming of Jesus. To prepare ourselves for Christmas, we will do works of mercy for others and have a Secret Santa program during the last week of school before Christmas vacation.  More news to come later.
  3. In Spelling class, we learned how to use editing symbols to correct our writing by practicing on a paragraph on the board.  For homework tonight, we will do page 79 in our Spellers which requires using editing symbols and rewriting a paragraph on looseleaf.
  4. During math class today Grade 4 students corrected workbook page 30 on regrouping to subtract.  Then, we did 8 problems together on page 108 that involved double regrouping. Our homework tonight is to do problems 9-23 on pages 108-109.
  5. Fifth graders practiced doing problems using the rules of divisibility. Then, for homework, they did worksheet #32 requiring understanding of the divisibility rules. Here are the rules:
    1. A number is divisible by another number when it can be divided by that number and the remainder is zero.
    2. If the ones digit of a number is divisible by 2, the whole number is divisible by 2. (Hint: even numbers)
    3. If the tens and ones digits of a number make a number that is divisible by 4, the whole number is divisible by 4.
    4. If the sum of the digits of a number is divisible by 3, the number is divisible by 3.
    5. If the sum of the digits of a number is divisible by 9, the number is divisible by 9.
    6. If the ones digit of a number is 0 or 5, the number is divisible by 5.
    7. If the ones digit of a number is 0, the number is divisible by 10.
    8. If a number is divisible by both 2 and 3, then the number is divisible by 6.
  6. For Science class we reviewed what we have learned about matter including mass, volume, triple beam balances, and units of measurement. Then, we talked about the history of the atom.  We learned about how the ancient Greek Democritus first used the word “atom.” We talked about John Dalton who first gave Latin names to the elements and decided that there were different kinds of atoms.  We wrapped up Science class today by looking at the periodic table and listening to a story Mrs. Hammang told about fellow Michigander, Glenn T. Seaborg, who named more than 10 elements on the periodic table.
  7. Due to the wet weather, we played indoors today during recess.
  8. Play practice was our last agenda item of the day. Everyone received a costume list.  Please see if you have the items on the list for each character’s costume. Kindly contact Mrs. Hammang or Mrs. Pratt, if you need something or if you would like to add another item to the list for that character. We practiced Scenes 1 and 2 of our play today with the appropriate blocking for each scene and actions were integrated into the dialogue today.

Have a beautiful night!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Today in Room 103:

  1. We attended Mass and Father talked about St. Clement, fourth pope of the Church.
  2. We practiced our Christmas concert songs with Mrs. Lowry.
  3. We worked on our play with Grades 2 and 3.
  4. We enjoyed snack and inside recess since it was raining.
  5. We returned to our class and worked on Math.
    1. Grade 5 worked on short division on page 107 up to number 33. Each student did 3 problems at the chalkboard.
    2. Grade 4 worked on subtraction with regrouping and did worksheet #30.  Page 107 was collected, but we will check the worksheet on Monday.
  6. We ended the day with Spelling by using our website at  See Tuesday, November 22 for the URL to practice at home.

Don’t forget to study your play lines over the holiday!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today in Room 103:

  1. Students played games on with their spelling words. Below are the URLs needed to have access to the games. Just paste the address into the address window and look at the spelling list.  The top address is for Grade 5 and the bottom one for Grade 4. Have fun!————————————————————————–: Mary Williamston Unit 5-11&w0=Enter Words Here Separated With A Comma…

area&w1= scarce&w2= vary&w3= declare&w4= prepare&w5= flare&w6= aware&w7= repair&w8= flair&w9= despair&w10= guard&w11= department&w12= article&w13= farther&w14= harvest&w15= carpet&w16= pardon&w17= remark&w18= argue&w19= regard&t=20

 ————————————————————————————————————————- Mary Williamston unit 4-11&w0=Enter Words Here Separated With A Comma…

near&w1= tear&w2= fear&w3= ear&w4= rear&w5= year&w6= clear&w7= steer&w8= cheer&w9= firm&w10= thirst&w11= certain&w12= perfect&w13= term&w14= serve&w15= person&w16= herd&w17= return&w18= turkey&w19= burst&t=20

2. This morning Deacons Hilker led us in a Communion Service. After the service, 4th and 5th graders assisted the parish in collecting the old missalettes and putting new ones in the pews.

3. We practiced our play with Grade 2 and Grade 3 students. We are getting better every day with fluency of our lines.  Next week we will introduce the action to the scenes.  The following week we will be off book (saying lines from memory.) Please work over the holiday on learning lines.

4. For Math Grade 4 students checked problems on worksheet #29 – multiple addends.  Then, they practiced subtracting with regrouping.  Students were assigned to do page 107 problems 1-26. We did several of these in class.  Homework tonight is to finish the rest.

For Grade 5 students the topics of the day were zeros in the quotient and  short division.  We checked the first 10 problems on page 105 of zeros in the quotient.  This was then collected.  After this, we did 12 samples of how to do short division.  Our homework tonight is to finish problems 13-20 on page 107.

5. We enjoyed outside recess this morning.

6. Both Grade 4 and Grade 5 had a chance to use the computer to practice spelling words.  Students also had to do text pp. 76-78.  Homework tonight is to finish pages 76-78 if not done in class today.  Please note: the test on Unit 11 will be given next Friday, December 2.

7. Science class today started with a discussion of why the ink on the homework board runs when water is sprayed on it.  We talked about some important terms like solution. dissolve, and gravity.  We also discussed how the properties of water as a liquid help the water to carry the pen ink from where it was written to the bottom of the homework sheet.  Next, we created a graphic organizer on volume. We defined the term and discussed what tools to use and how to use them to find the volume of solids and liquids.  Particularly interesting was the story of Archimedes who helped the Greek king learn whether a crown was made of pure gold.  This led us to a discussion of Archimedes Principle and the water displacement method. We wrapped up today’s lesson by talking about how temperature affects the volume of gases.

8. Mrs. Kuhr led us in another lively session of Physical Education.

9. Social Studies class featured fifth graders using the U. S. map to locate the Southwest states.  Students found the 4 Southwest states and their capitals,and  located important rivers and other geographical features like the Grand Canyon and the Gulf Coast Plain. Grade 5 Social Studies ended with students reading in pairs the text pages on the Western States.

Fourth grade students used their books to complete a graphic organizer on the government of the United States.  This is tonight’s homework.

10. Capping off the day students practiced writing capitals P and R and words made with them.

Don’t forget tomorrow is a half day with dismissal at noon.  No hot lunch tomorrow.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Sorry for doing today’s summary a bit late.  I had a doctor appointment today for my foot.  Great news! The cast if finally off! Praise be to God.

Here is a summary of today’s activities: (Items noted in bold type are associated with homework tonight.)

  1. We attended Mass today which was the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple.  Father Mark pointed out that there are many Catholic churches which have stained glass windows honoring Mary.  He reminded us that this is because Mary points the way to Jesus and is our mother too.
  2. Art replaced Spanish today.  We worked on glazing our Art projects today.
  3. In Reading we read our play through in the morning.  Then, after lunch, we did a run through for the first time of the complete play with Grades 2 and 3. We are asked to start memorizing our lines.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday we should take home our scripts and have family members or friends help us learn our lines.
  4. During Spelling time, Grade 4 students did a word sort in a notebook of the new words for Unit 11. They cut out cards with spelling patterns and then glued them to the notebook pages.  Tonight’s homework is to finish any cards not already glued in place. 
  5. Spelling : Grade 5 students used their white boards to write spelling words by patterns.  Mrs. Hammang then checked the boards for accuracy.  Following that, the words were copied into spelling books on page 76.
  6. Turning to Math, Grade 4 students worked on worksheet #29 – adding 3 or more addends.  We also checked problems 1-14 on page 105 of our book.  We turned this papers in. Homework tonight is to finish worksheet #29.
  7. In Grade 5 math, students checked the problems on long division with remainders on page 103. There were 20 problems.  These problems were collected.  Than, Grade 5 students worked on division problems with zero in the quotient on page 105. Homework tonight was to finish problems 1-10.
  8. Despite the cold, we braved the cold wind and enjoyed playing outside during recess.
  9. Our last class of the day was Social Studies. Fifth graders tackled  mapwork on the American Southwest.  Homework tonight is to finish the mapwork if it was not done in class. Fourth graders discussed Section 1 of our new chapter on the American People.  We talked about how we are a nation of immigrants.  We did a quick survey by raising our hands to discover some of the many ethnic backgrounds represented by our class members. We also talked about the native Americans of our country.  We discussed how there have been many misconceptions over the years as to the culture and character of the native peoples of what is today the United States.  We also discussed our family ancestry and learned that many of us do not know when our ancestors came to the United States.

Have a great night!

Mrs. Hammang

Friday, November 18, 2016

Here’s the latest from Room 103:

  1. “Scrooge” was on everyone lips as Room 103 began some serious practice of our play today.  The cast list was published and students began learning their lines. There are some lesser characters still to be cast which second and third grade students will play.  Next week both classrooms will start working together on the play.
  2. We enjoyed art today. We will be working with Art again on Monday related to our special projects.
  3. Both Grade 4 and Grade 5 took their final test on Unit 10 and did a pretest on Unit 11. This paper was sent home in student test folders today.  Parents, please sign the test and return it to school in the folder.
  4. In Math today Grade 5 began working on larger quotients with remainders on page 103. We also checked and collected page 101 problems 1-16 on 3 digit quotients.
  5. Grade 4 Math began working on problems with 3 or more addends on page 105. We did problems 1-14.  We will check these on Monday. We also checked and collected worksheet #27 – on 4 digit addition.
  6. Today in Social Studies Grade 5 read about America’s Southwest and did Cornell notes on pp. 51-54.  Grade 4 checked worksheet #15 on natural resources and #16, a crossword puzzle on important terms in Chapter 2.  We then took our test on this chapter.
  7. As usual we had fun going out for recess.
  8. Father Mark conducted a spirited vocabulary session with us in which we won candy for correctly answering questions about the words we have learned in Latin.
  9. We ended the day with Science in which we learned the parts of a pan balance and how to use it.  After that, we had a chance to take turns in groups using a triple beam balance.  We initially held objects in our hands and tried to guess which hand had the heavier mass.  We followed this up with actually weighing the masses on the triple beam balances.

Well, that’s all for this week! Students, please start studying your lines for the play. Also, kindly return the letters that parents signed regarding the play.  Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Here’s what happened in Room 103 today (Homework can be found in bold type below):

  1. After attending Mass, we read through the remaining pages of our play.  We received a letter from Mrs. Hammang to bring home that tells parents about our play and offers them an opportunity to be part of our play by serving as a volunteer for one or more of the many positions listed on the letter.  Parents do not have to be at school to do some of the jobs. We ask parents to at least sign the bottom part of the letter so that Mrs. Hammang knows that everyone has read the letter. Students also filled out an index card with the 3 top roles they would like to have in the play.  A cast list of the major roles will be posted tomorrow in the classroom.
  2. In math class Grade 5 corrected work on division patterns from workbook pages 26-27. Then, we did the first 16 problems on page 101 which have 3 digit quotients. Tonight’s homework is to finish any work not finished in class.
  3. Grade 4 Math worked with adding larger numbers. We did worksheet #27 to review adding 4 digit numbers and then we checked problems 11-20 on page 103. Our homework tonight is to finish worksheet #27.
  4. We ended the morning today with recess.
  5. Social Studies found Grade 5 learning about the Midwest including the Great state of Michigan.  We checked a graphic organizer on the Midwest and some mapwork.  We turned both of these in.  Then, we read about the Southwest in our textbook on pp. 50-53. Our homework tonight is to use looseleaf to do the 4 questions on page 53 in sentences restating the question in the answer.
  6. Grade 4 Social Studies required students to check the Chapter Review on pages 54-55 in our book.  We also worked on a worksheet with a crossword puzzle of terms presented in the chapter as well as a worksheet on natural resources.  Homework is to make sure these are done and study for our test tomorrow on the chapter (pp. 37-55)
  7. Finally, we enjoyed Physical Education and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Have a great night!

P.S. Don’t forget to study for our Spelling test tomorrow.

November 16, 2016

Today was a very big day for the students of Room 103.  First, the children did the first read through of our play. Next, Father Mark began training 10 students on how to be altar servers.

Here’s how our day went:

  1. Reading involved reading through the script of the play up to page 21.
  2. We practiced for our concert in music with Mrs. Lowry.
  3. Homework: Spelling time meant completing workbook pages 71, 72, and 74.  This work will be due on Friday.  It is homework if it was not done in class.
  4. Homework: In math class fifth graders checked problems on division (24-41). Then, the children worked on worksheet #27.  This is homework for tomorrow. Fourth grade began working on adding larger number.  We did problems 1-10 together on page 103.  Students need to finish problems 11-20 for homework.
  5. Homework: In Science we continued our discussion of mass and learned how to use a triple beam balance today.  After a demonstration of how to use the device, students drew a triple beam on their papers and explained step-by-step how to use it. If not done in class, this is homework.
  6. We enjoyed recess.
  7. We went to Church for altar training.

Please remember Smoky the Bear and Woodsy Owl posters are now overdue.  They were due today.  Have a great night!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Here is the latest scoop from Room 103:

  1. This morning during his homily Father Mark asked the children what they would do if Jesus suddenly came to their home.  Would they be prepared? He reminded them that their hearts need to be prepared for Jesus.
  2. After Mass we finished our book, In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson. Each student shared with the class his or her favorite part of the book.  We also talked about our next exciting reading and language arts activity, the performance of A Christmas Carol. Starting tomorrow the children will read the script over. Then, they will be asked to select one or more parts to perform.  Second and third graders will also have some speaking parts.  More to come tomorrow.
  3. Mrs. Kuhr worked with us for Physical Education.
  4. In Spelling class Grade 5 did a word sort dividing words into patterns – all making an er sound.  Words were written on page 70 of the text. At the same time grade 4 used graph paper to plot all their words to show their shapes.
  5. For Math, Grade 5 continued to work on simple division finishing problems on pages 98-99 and a worksheet.  Grade 4 began working on adding 4 digit numbers with regrouping.  The work was on page 100.  We did the first 10 together on the board.  The rest was assigned for the children to work on.
  6. After lunch Science became the focus.  The entire class reviewed information learned about matter from yesterday’s class.  We also talked about physical vs. chemical changes.  This included a discussion of why leaves turn color in the fall. Then, we made a graphic organizer on the 3 major states of matter comparing them in several categories including: movement of particles, mass, shape, volume, and space between particles.
  7. As usual, we went out for our afternoon recess of 20 minutes.
  8. Returning to the room, we studied Social Studies. Grade 5 continued mapwork on the Midwest, while Grade 4 completed the Chapter Review on pp. 54-55 of our text.  We will have a test in Social Studies on Thursday.
  9. We ended our day with Handwriting.  We have now finished reviewing all of the lower case letters.  We practiced v today and the entire alphabet writing all of the lower case letters 3 times.

Tonight’s homework is:

  1. Continue to work on Woodsy Owl and Smoky the Bear Posters due tomorrow.
  2. Do math work  – Grade 5 finish pp. 98-99 (7-41); Grade 4 do page 100 (1-20).
  3. Grade 4 Spelling – write Unit 10 words 2 times apiece on graph paper.

Have a great night!